Dispelling A Black Cloud

God is Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth. (John 4:24)

To fully know truth, beloved, we must learn to go beyond any WORDED EXPRESSION of truth, which is precisely why we are continually being challenged in our beliefs, no matter what those beliefs are. This is to get us free from CLINGING TO BELIEF SYSTEMS and to break down the ego’s defense strategy of creating unquestionable SAFE ZONES which only serve to preserve our illusions. Consider this…

Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and every city or house divided against itself shall not stand. (Matthew 12:25)

Consider too that an application of this is that OUR MIND can be a “divided kingdom,” and one of the things that divides it is the FORBIDDEN ZONES which contain certain unquestionable ideas and doctrines, and that as long as we are not willing to PENETRATE these places and shine CHRIST’S LIGHT there, we will remain DIVIDED in our thinking and will not be able to “stand” in the fullness of Christ.

People have a certain natural resistance to CHANGE, and it is essential for us all to contemplate this, for, you see, when we are operating in THE NATURAL MIND it is easy for us to get OVERWHELMED by complexity and feel that we cannot possibly understand anything beyond our current belief system, and in such a place, it’s easy for us to FALL FOR THE EGO’S LIE that as long as we confine our mind to particular established thoughts and beliefs, we will be safe (in some ultimate sense).

But this mentality is like A BLACK CLOUD that has been hanging over this planet for a very long time. If we take an honest look at humankind, we will see that the vast majority of people have, without in any way understanding what is happening to them, accepted a set of very strict LIMITATIONS for their potential. Jesus came to DISPEL this black cloud by DEMONSTRATING that there is indeed a HIGHER POTENTIAL to which we all can aspire. The very fact that his example was so quickly turned by men into AN EXCEPTION only seeks to demonstrate just how powerful the planetary momentum is for THE DENIAL of our true God-given potential.

Beloved, YOU ARE an extension of God’s own Being, and in your innermost depths you have the very same desire that propelled the Creator to create this universe, namely, the desire to be MORE. The Creator created the world of form and self-aware extensions of itself precisely because it wanted to be MORE, and therefore you exist because your Creator desires to be more THROUGH YOU, and this is why you are now being given every opportunity TO BREAK FREE from all limits in your understanding by SHINING LIGHT on the forbidden zones which you have created, and which are keeping you from coming to FULLY KNOW who you REALLY are in Christ.