Deep Speaks

Beloved, I was reminded this morning of a while back (in ’05) when a brother felt “led” to rebuke me for being what he said was “arrogant and prideful.” He said this because I shared with him that I had heard from the Father about something and that I have no doubt that it was the Father who I had heard from on the matter.

I believe that this bothered this man as it did because he belongs to a system of religion in which almost no one is really sure if they are hearing from the Father or not. Sure, they all say “pray about it” and “search the Scriptures” and this almost incessantly, but it seems pretty apparent that almost no one in that system is in the place where deep calls unto Deep and Deep speaks and then deep hears!

Now, when Jesus said, “I speak of what I have heard from the Father,” the religious people in his day considered that blasphemy and they nailed Him to a cross. When someone today says, “I have heard from the Father,” the religious people of today call him or her “arrogant and prideful” (or altogether crazy) and then they try to kill that person with their words.

With regard to all of this, I think that there is a question that we should all ask ourselves about ability to hear the Father’s voice. That is this…

Have I entered into a place of intimacy with the Father where I can humbly yet boldly proclaim that I have heard from Him even as Jesus did – to KNOW that I have heard from Him and not just believe that I have heard from Him? There is a very big difference between “believing” and “knowing,” by the way. I don’t think that Jesus ever “believed’ that He heard from His Father. No. He knew.

All that I am saying here, beloved is that it is possible to come into a place of intimacy with the Father whereby we can clearly discern His voice enough to KNOW that we have heard from Him and have NO DOUBT whatsoever that it is Him. This place of intimacy with Him is not supposed to be an “unusual” place for a Christian to be in either. IT IS SUPPOSED TO BE THE NORMAL PLACE TO BE IN. If it is “arrogant or prideful” to state that we have heard from the Father when He has drawn us into a place where we have touched His heart on a matter, then Jesus was most certainly the most arrogant and prideful person who ever walked this planet.

The bottom line here is that we have to break out of the wishy washy “normal” Christian mindset that says that we cannot hear the Father even as Jesus Christ Himself did (Jesus didn’t carry a Bible around either, folks). This “mindset breaking” is THE FIRST STEP in coming to hear the Father clearly. The next step, well that’s a real doozy. Maybe I’ll share more on that later…

(to be continued)