Dealing with Graven Images and Misaligned Vibes

There are many people today who believe that because they are “good Christians” that they just need to follow the outer rules of their religion (and/or follow what they know as “Bible knowledge”) and then everything will just work out for them. Yet God is no respecter of persons, and those who want to enter the the highest of spirit world realms must continually step toward becoming a true follower of the Living Christ – realizing that there IS AN ASCENSION out from all limited states of consciousness, and realize that this way IS “the narrow path” that they must tread.

By acknowledging that it is possible to overcome all limited states of consciousness (even while we are still here on Earth), faith is created for ascension. Yet this is no automatic process, because limited consciousness tends to form CLOSED MENTAL BOXES which prevent people from seeing beyond the GRAVEN IMAGES which make up their mental boxes.

And so, words and teachings must come forth by the Spirit for the very purpose of EXPOSING ILLUSIONS and mental images which obscure the truth. Things that have SEEMED to be absolute and infallible are exposed as being erroneous. This can really create some problems for certain people, because when bound by a low state of consciousness in some area one is usually UNWILLING to look beyond the mental images and the erroneous beliefs with which they have BECOME COMFORTABLE. This, by the way, is what makes these things graven images. Beloved, graven images are the things that stand between you and the Living God – even between you and your Christ-hood.

And so, after we recognize the Living Christ (even in us) and recognize that there is a way of ascension unto the FULLNESS of Christ, we must enter the stage in which we SYSTEMATICALLY purify our consciousness from ALL graven images and impure vibrations. A major challenge here is to overcome the very subtle temptation to impose our mental images upon the Living Christ and His teachings and thereby prevent Christ from leading us OUT of our mental boxes. We can even use the outer teachings of Christ to REINFORCE and JUSTIFY our limited mental positions, as Christians have demonstrated for 2,000 years now, and continue to demonstrate.

If you fall prey to this temptation, Beloved, you will no longer be following the straight and narrow WAY OF CHRIST, but will instead be following THE BROAD WAY of messy and tricky 4th dimensional influences which can (and probably will) use your mental images (and Bible knowledge) to create the belief that you are guaranteed to “be saved” without going FULLY THROUGH the divinely ordained processes of salvation.

No doubt, it is quite a challenge for many people to allow the Living Christ to expose all of their graven images and misaligned vibrations, and even when these things ARE exposed it can be very hard for them to LET GO OF THESE THINGS because these people have established A SENSE OF IDENTITY which is BASED upon these things.

Beloved, are you willing to leave behind any and all graven images and even let go of your attachments to anything of the Earth? Will you seek to save your mortal sense of identity or will you be willing to LOSE that “life” in order to fully follow Christ? There is a remnant that wholeheartedly is willing to fully go this way of Christ, and therefore they shall be enabled to do it FIRST. “Each in their own rank and order” will then follow – until ALL MEN who have died in Adam (which is everyone) becomes FULLY ALIVE in Christ – this, of course, happening in the “dispensation of the fulness of times” when God will “gather together IN ONE all things IN CHRIST, both things which are in heaven, and things which are on Earth.”

Amen to that – talk about “good news.”