Daniel’s “Little Horn”

I feel to mention here a few things about “the little horn” power (the Antichrist kingdom) of Daniel 7. As you know, Daniel was shown in vision four kingdoms that would arise to rule over the world (these being Babylon, Media-Persia, Greece, and Pagan Rome). He was also shown that OUT OF THE FOURTH KINGDOM (Pagan Rome) would arise a “little horn” which would become a great world power, but one much “different” from those that preceded it. This “little horn” power would be different from the rest in that it would not only represent itself as a political power but also as a GREAT RELIGIOUS AND MORAL EMPIRE. This “little horn,” of course, is the Roman Catholic Church, beloved, more specifically – THE PAPACY.

Now, just briefly, and for the sake of Roman Catholics who might be reading this, I feel the need to express here that the religion that has been presented to you by your leaders is EXOTERIC, meaning; it is what the Catholic elite consider to be suitable for you as part of the “outer circle” public. This means that because you belong to the outer (or less initiate) circle of Catholicism you are given a religion that is much different from the ESOTERIC practices of the specially initiated. That’s all that I feel to say about this, for now.

Moving on…

What I’m presenting here, beloved, is that in the fifth century AD the Roman Popes became the successors of the Caesars in Western Europe, them ruling in the very spot where the Caesars and the Roman Emperors once ruled. History plainly shows us that the Roman Church was (and is), in its very essence, the CONTINUATION OF THE PAGAN ROMAN EMPIRE, this being in perfect agreement with the prophecy of the “little horn” given to Daniel. Let’s look a little further into this…

Daniel 7 states that this “little horn” power would emerge from among “10 horns” and that it would eventually “uproot” 3 of these horns. What this means is that the Papacy must have risen to power AFTER the reduction in power of the Roman Empire and its subdivision into 10 different states but BEFORE the destruction of 3 of these states (because it must arise from “among” all ten). Did this happen? Yes it did. In 476 AD the Roman Empire had disintegrated into 10 states. I’m not going to name all of those here, but I will mention the ones that were completely uprooted by 538 AD. These were the Heruli, the Vandals, and the Ostrogoths, all completely WIPED OUT by the Popes and in perfect accordance with Daniel’s vision. This (538 AD) is the time when the Papacy began to show that it not only ruled in the religious affairs of men, but that it was actually A DOMINANT POWER OVER ALL SECULAR AFFAIRS of men as well.

There are many more details from this chapter in Daniel which I would like to share with you, beloved, but I think that it’s best for you to dig for some of those on your own. The gist of this is that the Roman Empire was never completely done away with, but rather IT WAS TRANSFORMED into what became an ANTICHRIST MIDDLE AGES BEAST, one that “seemed” to be wounded (by Napoleon’s hand) in 1798, but which IS NOW COMING BACK MORE POWERFUL THAN EVER. Again, this in perfect agreement with Bible prophecy.

I’ll give you one more thing to ponder before I go, beloved. In Daniel 7.25 it says (speaking of the Antichrist beast), “And he shall speak great words against the most High, and shall wear out the saints of the most High, and think to change times and laws: and they (the saints) shall be given into his hand until a time and times and the dividing of time.”

On one level this bespeaks of the saints of God being given into the hand of the Middle Ages Beast/Papacy and this for 3 1/2 (360 day) prophetic years, or 1260 prophetic days. These prophetic days can represent for us ACTUAL historical years. I have shown how the Roman Papacy was fully empowered in 538 AD and then seemingly suffered “a mortal wound” by the French in 1798. You may want to do the math. This is exactly 1260 years. Also, I said “seemingly” (with regard to the mortal wound) because the scriptures put it that way. They put it in such a way because this Beast DID NOT suffer a “mortal” wound, it APPEARED to have suffered one. The truth is that this thing is well healed now, and is being empowered by the spirit of Antichrist like never before.

Watch and pray, beloved. — D

PS – You might be able to see in this the purpose for the Jesuits planting preterist and futurist doctrine into the Protestant churches. By having people think that these prophecies of the Antichrist were fulfilled in the Greek tyrant of the 2nd century Antiochus Epiphanes (preterism), or in some future man who will be “the Antichrist” (futurist doctrine), eyes are being taken off of THE REAL ANTICHRIST BEAST (POWER) WHICH IS ALREADY HERE, and in this way people are being more easily led into the whole Jesuit/Illuminati/Luciferian plan for worldwide hegemony.