Cultish Astro-travel? Really?

A brother (another “David”) wrote in and asked…

David,  I’m not quite sure about where you’re coming from and going to with this.  My main focus in the correcting of DNA is connected with absolutely agreeing with the written word (regardless of feeling or experience) as a pattern of conforming with the (our) heavenly God/Father with the result being changed into His very righteousness.  Forgive me, but what you are now describing sounds like cultish astro-travel. Maybe I’m not quite understanding here…

Here is the response that I’ve been given, for whatever it may be worth to you..

The Word is the limitless Expression of the Father, David, something that is often missed or rejected by people because of religious preconceptions and/or judgments made based upon their very limited perspective. The Scribes and the Pharisees missed the Word/Expression of the Father in the flesh when He was standing right in front of them, and this because He did not “absolutely agree with the written word” according to their understanding of that written word.

This said, what I have described as waves of light and information transmitted through the Pineal gland is also the Word/Expression of the Father, something that completely bypasses our intellect and speaks “BE HEALED!” right to our wounds and injuries in spirit, many injuries that we do not even know are there.

With regard to the “traversable wormhole through which we can translate,” I’m simply sharing with you something that has been shown to me by the Spirit as a way for men to translate. With regard to this, let me ask you something, David, do you also think of Elijah being translated by way of a “whirlwind,” or Philip being translated away from his meeting with the Ethiopian Eunuch, or Jesus, even, meeting with Elijah and Moses on the Mount of Transfiguration as “cultish astro-travel”?