Crying Rocks

This message certainly relates to things I have shared about dealing with unholy spiritual unions, even Jezebel, in that we (through prophetic exhortation and admonishment) are given opportunity to get free from such unions in this lifetime, but if these warnings are not heeded, the rocks may “cry out” for a more severe or stern judgment to bring us unto genuine renunciation and repentance. This more severe judgment may not even fall on us in this lifetime, beloved, but rather in spiritual dimensions or spheres AFTER the dissolution of the physical body. Some may call this “judgment” hell. In reality, it is a matter of going into the spirit world to dwell (for a season) with the spirits to which you were joined in life. If you were  (or are) joined to dark spirits in life and were (or are) unwilling to break that union, after your physical death you essentially get what you asked for.

“Dave, are you talking about Christians in hell?” Yes. If you want to put it that way. Jesus Himself repeatedly spoke of “children of the kingdom” and “sons of the kingdom” who shall be cast into outer darkness where there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth. That, beloved, is essentially describing the judgment of those who make no effort in their natural lifetime to get free from their union with dark spirits. These people may call (or may have called) the Lord, “Lord,” and they may have even done great things in His name, but these will not (or have not) come to KNOW THE LORD by way of the surrender of their lives to His ways, and so, judgment must be rendered and a sentence imposed on these which will bring them to just such a place (surrender).

Beloved, have you ever read or heard of any of the numerous Near Death Experiences of Christians who describe themselves passing through death into a hellish place? I’m sharing with you how this happens.