Contemplating 4D

I’ve shared how the veil between the 3rd and 4th dimension is getting thinner, and for many of us this means that the 4th dimension (in many ways) is now OUR ARENA. In this realm we dwell in the ETERNAL MOMENT, and we can see that everything exists in various forms of ENERGY.

For most of us, our spirit (and spirit-body) exist in the VIBRATION of the 4th dimension, and this is why at physical death we go there (into the 4th dimension) to dwell. While dwelling physically in the 3rd dimension we are able to have PERCEPTION by way of our 4th dimensional self, and from this place we can CREATE great changes (for good) in our physical 3d world.

The 4th dimension still has the polarization of light and dark though, so, thoughts and feelings which resonate with the low vibrational planes of that world can create LOW VIBRATION manifestations in the 3 dimensional world. “Reality” is affected by our thoughts much more quickly in the 4d world than it is in the denser 3d world, but for us, this is rapidly changing now as the vibrations of men and the world are also changing.

A fixation on external circumstances (and the resulting low energetic vibrations) are symptoms of attachment to the 3d world. The secret of navigating in the 4d world is INTENTION, and this is why it is so important for us to look at our SOUL’S INTENTION behind every experience and circumstance now, to see what we are supposed to LEARN about the vibration of our hearts now and in this way also learn how to navigate WELL in a world that is drastically CHANGING.

The 4th dimension is the realm where we can make ANYTHING happen when IDEAS and THOUGHTS are mixed with FEELINGS, beloved, and as you can probably imagine, this can also cause some trouble without us knowing the secret to navigation there. Many of us are being taught the secret to this navigation now though, and this by learning how to CONTROL OUR THOUGHTS.

Because the vibrations of the 4th dimension are higher than the 3rd dimension, things are slightly more etheric there, and perception of past, present and future is more FLUID as the laws of time and space there are slightly different. Also, because of the more fluidic nature of things astral forms easily MORPH there. In other words, there is a huge mobility of form there, and for the inexperienced, this can be a bit FREAKY (if not altogether scary). This is the realm of the “shape shifters” of which mythology speaks. As I have shared, this is a pretty wild and interesting place.

So many people today have lost their connection to God in 3d, beloved, and because of this they don’t remember what it’s like to have Him in and around them continually, moving through them – intimately connected to Him to the extent that they KNOW that their thoughts and their feelings CREATE in this and other worlds. In the 4th dimension we can actually recreate our 3rd dimension experience. Having accessed this and now knowing the truth of this in my inner-man, I’m now realizing that whatever I think starts happening. Some of you may be realizing/experiencing this too.

Contemplating the 4th dimension is a very useful exercise for us at this time, Folks, as experiential knowledge of it can provide us with not only what we need to successfully navigate through it, but help us to effect PROFOUND CHANGE on many levels of BEING.

Much of our 3rd dimensional life exists in the 4th dimension in a format of a higher vibration, but most people are not AWARE of this because their consciousness is almost entirely wrapped up in 3d. In other words, our astral reality, as well as our other physical incarnations, are not perceivable to our 3rd dimensional minds, but in the 4th dimension AWARENESS of our past experiences of this life and also that of our other third dimensional lives can be found. We can expand our 3rd dimensional consciousness into the 4th dimension, beloved, through gaining an AWARENESS of the inner-workings of our physical body, our spirit-body and our spirit, and by having INTENSE experiences of passion, emotion and creative thought – being taught these things AND LED THROUGH THESE THINGS by the Holy Spirit.

May God bless you all in your understanding of these things.