Consoling Self

In some recent trials it has been impressed on me that there should be no anxiety while in them, not even a search of soul after a certainty of better things to come. For whatever the present is, it is sufficient to those whose sole treasure is the will and purposes of God. How often it is that we try to comfort and console self with prospects of a better future. Believe it or not, even this needs to be put to death. Think about how often it is that we meet with disappointment because we have sought after a vain consolation for self rather than us just resting (and at peace) in God in our trials. I guess that a good way to put this is that we should receive everything in lowliness of spirit, simply trusting our Father to lead us on through whatever we are going though, and us seeking nothing out of a curiosity which often is just another disguise for selfishness. Our part is to die to self in all of the moments, to live as if each moment were the whole of eternity for us. We can do this in Christ.

Of course, we need to differentiate between searching for things to console self in the midst of our trials and holding onto promises which have been given to us by God. I guess that the message that I’m trying to convey here is that of “true abandonment” to the will and purposes of God, which is a simple resting in His love in the midst of our trials and is something that is free from all anxiety and all attempts at self consolation. A picture for this would be an infant resting in its mother’s arms. This kind of abandonment is surely the source of true peace. It seems to me that if we do not have peace, it is because our abandonment to our heavenly Father is yet imperfect (immature).

Another point that I feel led to mention is that mature abandonment to God must go so far as to abandon its abandonment. What I mean by this is that we can come to a place in God where our self-life is so fully renounced that we are not even aware of renouncing it, where we are not even conscious of our abandonment to our Father, where we take no thought as to our being fully given up to Him or not.

“BE-ing” is coming to mind, as is “Enochian.”