Commenting On Some Comments

Below is a brother’s response (in italics) to something that I said about people of many religions coming to REALLY know Christ and in this way “entering the kingdom,” when others who “confess Christ” are being left outside. My comments to his comments then follow. — D

(The brother’s comments)…

“YES!! If the New Agers, Hindus, and Buddhists confess that ‘there is only one name under heaven that men must be saved’ and repent for ‘trying to enter through another door.’ You kinda left it unsaid. Unless you said it in a round-about way and I didn’t catch it. Maybe it was the unsaid that I should have known what you meant.”

(This is the response that I was given for him – D)…

I’m going to share something with you here which has been carved on my heart experientially (time and time and time again), and this is that there are some people, possibly even many, who are in communion with that first Son (Who is Christ) and who are yet still ignorant of His history as Jesus of Nazareth. But they do really know His “Name.” That is, they know and are drawn into communion with Him, having been caused by the grace of God to respond to the nature of that Word WITHIN THEM, which is what His “Name” implies.

Frankly, I think that God meets with many people in this way today because Jesus Christ has been so grossly misrepresented by institutional religion for the last 2000 years that MANY people are unable to connect to that historical figure (Jesus.) I know all of the scriptures that can be quoted like; “believe on the Lord Jesus…” and “confess with your mouth…” but I tell you, those verses need to be considered in the context of the times that they were written as well as with what has transpired now for 2000 years (the gross misrepresentation of Jesus Christ by the Christian Church). I think that we also need to consider that wherever the nature and character of the Christ is found, by definition, THERE HE IS, and a lot of people are coming to know Him IN THIS WAY.

Brother, I think that this veiling and unveiling of Christ somehow represents the essential and integral elements of the coming of “that Day” when “brother shall not say to brother, ‘Know the Lord,’ for all shall know Him, from the least to the greatest” – not know Jesus as the Christian Church has presented Him to the world over the past 2000 years, but truly KNOW CHRIST, experientially, in every aspect of their being.

Something to consider…