Coming Out To Worship The One

I can’t help but say something here about the spirits that are working in and through Christianity today, and of the myriads of people who have had the light of Christ withdrawn from them because they worship a false god, a false Christ. The thing is; most Christians cannot even make use of the things that the Spirit of Truth is teaching in this day, and this is because of their strong attachment to a false image of God that they refuse to let go of. This is a sad state of affairs, for sure, especially considering that these people actually think that they’re worshipping THE ONE who said “have no other gods before me.” I’ll elaborate on that…

Fallen beings resonate strongly with false-godship because they love to be worshipped and this by as many people as possible. Many people are drawn to worship them too, and the major reason for this is that false gods can be touched without Christ consciousness but the true and living God can only be touched THROUGH Christ consciousness. In other words, it is those who are not willing to transcend themselves, to transcend their egos in order to take on part of the Christ consciousness who have had their light withdrawn and who are left to worship false gods. Also, when enough people worship false gods together (and for some time) they essentially create powers or principalities that have enough awareness, consciousness and momentum to convincingly fool people that they are having a supernatural or spiritual experience with “God.”

It should be pretty obvious to all of you that there are forces of darkness at work in the Christian churches today that are stealing the light of some well-intentioned people, and that by going to these churches every Sunday and pouring out their devotion to what they think is Christ these people are supporting a false hierarchy of beings that have become the cloaked, driving force behind what is called “Christianity.” My prayer is that the people in these churches and their leaders will soon wake up and repent of giving their light away to dark beings (and this in the name of “Christ,” no less). Imagine the rude awakening and heartbreak of those who, after they discarnate, are confronted with the reality that they did not qualify for the heavenly realms because of their idolatrous worship of false gods and because of the faith and the trust that they put in false preachers and teachers who had not a love for the truth.

Again, the things is; the laws of God cannot be cheated, and though fallen beings would have people believe otherwise, acceptance into the heavenly realms comes through the way of the cross and by transcendence of self through genuine worship in Spirit and in Truth, and to those who try to get in another way – they won’t.

And let me say here too that all of this does not only apply to Christians in Christian movements, but also to those who have rejected Christianity because they saw the falsity of it. It is commendable that these people have had the discernment to see the falsity of many Christian churches, and it is also commendable that they have opened their hearts and minds to teaching that is beyond Christianity and beyond materialism. I tell you though; the vast majority of the so-called spiritual, New Age or progressive people in America, though they have rejected the false idols of Christianity are following other false idols and false teachers who are of the New Age movement.

I am not saying here that all who are “New Age” teachers are false, but that there are many, and that many (way too many) people who have had potential to manifest Christ in this lifetime have tied themselves to these lesser gurus who are not interested in taking people into Christ consciousness but rather are interested in drawing people and attention to THEMSELVES because they do not have Christ consciousness themselves. These people may talk about “enlightenment” all day and all night long, but there is absolutely no substitute for the Christ consciousness that is self-transcendence.

Truly, because of Christianity, it is easy for people to believe that Christ takes on the form that is promoted by the Christian churches, but it is time for people to know better and to realize that Christ is so much more than that. Christ is a universal state of consciousness that can never be trapped in any form or in any name, nor can it be captured by any pastor, teacher or guru, no matter how outrageous their claims of “enlightenment” are. Enlightenment can be a pretty empty concept, especially in that many people these days who claim to be enlightened do  not walk in a truly enlightened state. Enlightenment is nothing but a label for many people, and for that matter, “Christ consciousness” is nothing but a label too, and here’s the point…

Any word or image that can be grasped by the human mind is nothing but a label. True “Christ consciousness” (for not having a better way other than words to describe it at the moment) is beyond all words and images. It is the transcendent experience into the type of “enlightenment” that does not and will not conform to any mental image that people build around that word.

It sometimes seems that the more that people seek to explain what Christ consciousness or enlightenment is, the more they create an idol that can trap the minds of those who are unaware or who are unwilling to go the way of death to self (the way of the cross) so they can actually come to know these things experientially.

Beloved, the real shift in consciousness that is available to us all is far beyond what any teacher or guru in Christianity or the New Age movement has been able to envision or explain. It is certainly beyond anything that I have ever explained or have shared. It is also not something that is set in stone, meaning; it is something that you co-create as you go along and that there is no one in heaven or on earth who can predict exactly how it will manifest. Even highly ascended Beings in the spiritual realms have no need to predict such things, for they are simply content to see it unfold in the lesser realms. It cannot unfold though as long as those who have the potential to be the forerunners of the manifestation of it allow themselves to be trapped in the blind alleys and false images and organizations and movements of men that are created specifically (though possibly unknowingly) to keep people from manifesting Christ.

And so I write.

As I have briefly explained, I’m not saying here that all spiritual movements and all teachers in Christianity and New Age are false. Of course I’m not. I am sounding an alarm though, a call even, for those who are trapped by false movements and teachers to COME OUT from the whited sepulchers full of dead men’s bones to meet the Living Christ. This, then, all of this that I have written today, is not about following this or that messenger. It’s certainly not about following me. It is about following the Living Christ.. or not.

I believe that the Spirit is confronting many of the leaders of these churches and movements at inner levels now, that they are being visited in some way by the Living Spirit of Christ and that these people are being asked to make a choice between Christ and that which has been built in honor of something else. Will this action cause a shift in some hearts and free some people up to truly connect with Christ? I imagine that it will. I sure hope that it will. I think it’s also a legal (Divine Court) thing too, though I’m not going to get into all of that here, as this letter is already quite long, long enough.