Come Apart

Beloved, EACH OF YOU have a God-given responsibility to COME APART from the noise and the violence and the fear and the distractions of the world to COME UP INTO THE LIGHT OF TRUTH, truth that you will likely not find in traditional places, truth which appears to you in the DEEP recesses of your being (your spirit). Finding this truth requires that you be STILL, and that you learn how to LISTEN to your inner man, your inner voice.

When you seek truth with all of your heart, THE SPIRIT OF TRUTH will guide you to that which you ARE READY FOR, and this may come in the way of a teacher, a book, an article or just an inner knowing. This truth requires that you LISTEN to what you are hearing while leaving behind any preconceived ideas, meaning; THAT YOU NEED TO HAVE AN OPEN MIND- that you need to have a teachable heart. The Spirit cannot teach you what you are not willing to hear. Sure, your world may be turned UPSIDE DOWN by what you hear. Listen anyway, and then do the best that you can to apply to your life what you are hearing.

Beloved, it is also important that you LEARN HOW TO DISCERN truth from non-truth. Truth will always lead you into a greater expression of who you are in Christ. Non-truth would have you buy into limitation and inadequacy. Truth will have you follow the examples and teachings of Spirit led and Spirit inspired teachers, with the Spirit bearing witness to what you are hearing. Non-truth would have you believe that a man or a religion has all of the truth, and that all you have to do is accept their way.

As you come to know TRUTH, beloved, you will also hear the call to fulfill your individual role within THE DIVINE PLAN for your life, and COMPANIONS, both in the physical AND in spirit world, will then move into your life-stream with focus on HELPING YOU to fulfill your role. In other words, you do not have to search for the perfect companions and co-workers. The Holy Spirit will move them into your lives. The truth is that when you step onto your DIVINELY APPOINTED PATH and walk it out, the worlds unfold for your benefit.