The Continuum of Consciousness

And so, many of us are now in a TRANSITIONAL PROCESS of coming into awareness of higher aspects of ourselves, an awareness that, up until now, could only be accessed by DREAM STATES or DEEP MEDITATION. Part of the reason that this awareness could only be accessed in this way is because our physical forms and awareness have largely been locked up in 3rd and 4th dimensional perspectives while our higher-understanding selves (of much finer and higher vibrations) are more at home in the higher dimensions.

Because of the vibrational shift that the planet is now experiencing though, and that which is aptly called our vibrational “ascension,” we have the opportunity now TO ASCEND from 3d and 4d consciousness UPWARDS whereby we can come into A MUCH MORE STABLE ALIGNMENT with the vibrations of the Christ orders. This will cause even the higher spiritual worlds to become CLOSER and MORE REAL to us, until there is NO LONGER EVEN A GAP between our material manifestation and the higher worlds, but instead, A CONTINUUM OF CONSCIOUSNESS which can also be called “multi-dimensional consciousness.”

It is in the state of MULTI-DIMENSIONAL CONSCIOUSNESS that we are able to access both the material and spiritual realms WITH EASE, meaning; there will no longer be a need for intense meditation because our access to the spirit world and our shift of focus between dimensions will have become IMMEDIATE and quite evident. Jesus surely walked in this state when he was on Earth, and we can too, for this IS the blessed state of THE FIRST-FRUITS of a kingdom (and an age) which is NOW, without a doubt, AT HAND.

Just in case some of you haven’t quite got this yet, Beloved, this is THE REAL RAPTURE that I have been writing about – THIS IS ABOUT THE MAN-CHILD ASCENDING to his position of authority before the Throne of God, and this “ascension” is happening NOW.

Bless you in your understanding of these things.