Climbing Jacob’s Ladder

Most of you will probably agree that we’re at the dawn of A NEW AGE, yes? Do you also agree that everything that you need in order to express a SON OF GOD in this new age also already exists WITHIN YOU – that you ALREADY HAVE FULL ACCESS to the Mind of Christ, but that there have been THINGS getting in the way of you EXPERIENCING this mind fully and continually?

Beloved, I’ve been working with people one on one here in NY to help them understand how it is that we harmonize the non-divine aspects of our human personality and thereby move into HEART ALIGNMENTS which resonate with extremely high levels of consciousness and perspective.

In short, we harmonize the ego-influenced personality by learning how to journey through our own hearts and lighten up there any vibrations which are HEAVY and DARK and are not like Christ. We also practice thinking FROM THE HEART (the spirit) and not the natural mind, and even speaking AFFIRMATIONS which we know are TRUE about the higher (eternal and more perfect) aspects of ourselves but which might not yet be manifested in our 3d experience.

What happens with this is that we start ACCESSING (or activating) the vibrational layers in our spirit bodies which resonate with HIGH LEVELS OF BEING, and in this way we also gain access to rather HIGH PERSPECTIVES AND STATES OF CONSCIOUSNESS IN CHRIST. Then, as we make progress, we can establish VIBRATIONAL SET-POINTS in which we can become STABLE, and then, from there, we put forth INTENTIONS to move onward and upward into EVEN HIGHER dimensions of consciousness and awareness.

Beloved, this that I am sharing with you is the way of affecting our energy bodies with our THOUGHTS and our FEELINGS and this as a means of CLIMBING JACOB’S LADDER. This is also the way of “overcoming” in Christ to the extent of BECOMING “a pillar in the Temple of God.” This “pillar” state is about becoming FIXED and ESTABLISHED in the 6th dimension, the realm of Sons. You’ve all heard preaching about “the manifestation of the Sons of God,” yes? Well, I’m sharing with you the process of ASCENDING UNTO THE REALM OF SONS (and becoming fixed there) so that you can actually MANIFEST A SON.

I know that the language that I have been using is a bit different from what most of you are used to. For whatever reason, this is what THE HOLY SPIRIT has been giving me. Don’t let it scare you. The Lord is with us IN A BIG WAY in this. No kidding. For those of you who still aren’t so sure about this, WHY DON’T YOU JUST ASK THE LORD if this is true? If He tells you it isn’t true, then SPLIT! If He tells you it is true – THEN REJOICE! – for THEN you’ll be able to PRESS ON through this holy process unto glory WITHOUT FEAR.

The whole “evil report” thing just came to mind. Remember that? – that – “BUT there’s GIANTS in the land!” thing? You may want to think about that – especially about how Beings in the lower planes of the 4th dimension just LOVE to scare people out of laying hold of their inheritance in Christ, and about how THE LORD allows such a thing.. to test hearts.