Cleansing the Heart Floor

For your edification…

Of course, self abnegation or self denial is indeed called for in the believer’s life, but it is the Holy Spirit who imparts the ability and the desire to live such a life in the Spirit. In other words, death to the creaturely self-life can in no way be accomplished by man’s flesh or by his self determination, though his co-operation is certainly involved, this having to do with his response to divine counsel which exhorts him to BUY GOLD refined by fire.

With regard to the buying of this gold, I know by experience that the price paid can often seem excruciatingly painful, but this is only because there is still so much of self yet alive in me. I’m now seeing that anxiety and pain which comes along with suffering comes NOT from the dead parts in me but from the live ones, the ones that yet need to die. I’m also seeing that some of my recent trials and tribulations are for the very purpose of getting at hidden away emotions in me which relate to self love, and which fight against self’s death like a sick man in the last struggle. Even these (emotions) seem to be dying off now though. Thank God.

So why all of the deep refining, why is such a thorough purging of the floor of our hearts needed? Well, I believe that it is because these hearts are to be THE MOST HOLY SANCTUARY for the priestly spirit of Christ to minister in, and to there make ready a holy separated place for God and Christ to manifest themselves at/in/and through the Marriage of the Lamb. Another way to look at this is that the Bridegroom shall not be wed to a soul that has not been thoroughly and completely purged of self by holy fire. The bride must make herself ready, and this is done by her buying for herself (through her willingness to suffer the cross) a cleanness of heart and a golden (divine) nature and character. (Rev 19:7).