Clarifying a Few Things

Again, I feel the need to reiterate here, that the spirit world is being described to you as differing dimensions for the sake of YOUR LINEAR MIND, but in reality there are not distinctly separate dimensions, but rather there are VIBRATIONAL DIVISIONS or categories which are not distinctly marked from one another but which MERGE into one another by almost imperceptible gradations of energy, the peculiarities of each category gradually shading off into one another at their extremities.

Try to think of the lightest, brightest, purest white and of the deepest, darkest black and of all of the shades of white to gray to black in between, and this will give you some idea of what I’m talking about.

As we start getting into the vibrational layers of the spirit world which are described by the term “the 6th dimension,” we’re getting into the spirit worlds which constitute BEAUTIFUL HARMONY and UNITY and ONENESS among beings, and of a SUPERCONSCIOUS STATE IN CHRIST where all things are viewed and judged by way of A CORPORATE MIND rather than individual consciousness.

Personally, I believe that even now, while on Earth, we CAN LIVE FULLY AND CONSCIOUSLY in this rarified mind strata, and because I believe this, really BELIEVE IT, I also expect to soon KNOW SUCH A STATE experientially, even know what it means to MANIFEST as a Son of God in this world. I’m also sharing this WITH YOU so that YOU TOO can BELIEVE for such a thing unto the extent of you experientially KNOWING such a state of being.

On a slightly different (but surely harmonious) note; I’ve shared with you in the past how EVERYTHING is Source Energy which filters down through various layers of the spirit world and unto various forms and manifestations, and of how EVEN OUR THOUGHTS AND OUR WORDS are Source Energy which has flittered down through such layers and then has filtered down through what might be considered our “identity” consciousness to then filter through our feelings and our emotions to then be expressed as what was once PURE ENERGY but which is now colored and changed (or has even been perverted) from its original form.

Well, related to this, I was out for a Guinness break in the late afternoon yesterday (and out for what turned into a divine appointment with a man) when I looked down at the coaster for my beer glass and IT SPOKE TO ME (as much as any scripture verse can). And what did it say? Well, it was a promotional coaster for an unfiltered Belgian beer, and in BIG BOLD letters at the bottom of the little cardboard square it said, “LIVE LIFE UNFILTERED.” That, Beloved, as you can probably guess, bespeaks of THE UNCORRUPTED WORD made flesh again. Exciting.