Christianity’s Ego-Created Infallible Thought System

Most people have a fear of death, and all throughout history, men, by way of the human ego, have come up with many clever and subtle schemes for alleviating their fear of death. One of these is to take ideas and organize them into a system, even a religious system, with doctrines that are elevated to the status of being absolute truth or infallible. The problem with this approach is that in order to maintain the image and belief that its system is absolute and infallible, all other ideas or thought systems must be labeled as less than its own, and this is done by imposing a value judgment based on a relative scale, with “good” at one end and “evil” at the other, and by labeling any ideas that contradict the “infallible” thoughts and doctrines of the religious system as being evil or dangerous.

Beloved, in this you might begin to see how this process has led to all of the atrocities that religious people have committed “in the name of God,” and you might even be able to see how Christianity has become the opposite of what Jesus preached – a thought system that feels threatened by conflicting ideas and thus has (at several times in history) found it justifiable to kill people in the name of Christ.

How is it that the interpretations and teachings of Christ have become so perverted that Christians can do the opposite of what Christ commanded and still feel that their actions are justified by Christ? The brutal fact of the matter is that the field of religion offers the human ego a unique opportunity for creating an infallible thought system, something that is then touted as being endowed with some kind of ultimate authority and by which claims are made that any idea which contradicts it or goes beyond it must be of the devil and dangerous, even dangerous enough to cause souls to be lost or cause the entire world to become taken over by the devil. This then leads to thoughts on how to the eradicate the dangerous ideas, even if it means killing the people who believe in them.

Oh, I know, I know… some of you are thinking that Christians aren’t killing people today like they used to. Well, Jesus said that as a man thinks in his heart so is he, and that wicked thoughts and wicked acts aren’t all that different. And I’ve got to tell you, I have met A LOT of Christians who have made it clear to me with their hearts that if I were eradicated from earth that it would be for the good and in service to God and the kingdom, that doing away with my dangerous ideas by any means would be better than people being “condemned to an eternity in hell” by listening to these ideas and believing in them. Quite lovely, really. Then there are many others who have not been so mean-spirited, but who have apparently felt that it is their duty (unto God and their church) to use their infallible doctrines and system to “prove” that what I teach cannot possibly be from God.

Again, the problem in all of this has been caused by man’s ego, the ego that was born in this world and which can never go beyond this world, the ego of man and the intellect of man that cannot make use of THE KEY OF KNOWLEDGE, meaning; that the ego can never fathom the true message and teachings of Christ. What does it do with Christ’s teachings then? Well, it relates to them as ideas instead of it having a direct experience with the truth. In other words, it relies on interpretation of the words of Christ rather than it receiving a revelation from the Spirit.

This brings me back to Jesus’ interactions with the scribes and Pharisees and the lawyers (the teachers of the law) who had refused to use the key of knowledge and who therefore had to rely on man’s interpretations of the scriptures. They too had created an “infallible” system, and when Jesus challenged it through the living Spirit, they rejected him and even labeled him as being dangerous or of the devil. Thus, it became justifiable for them to have Jesus killed. Do you understand what happened here? These people had become so blinded by their egos that they killed the living Christ when he appeared to them in the flesh. Does this not demonstrate the danger of the ego and the imperativeness of freeing ourselves from its spiritual blindness? How can one claim to be a true disciple of Christ while ignoring the human ego and its influence on one’s personal life and on the world?

Beloved, the ego cannot make use of man’s intuitive faculties of spirit, so it must rely on the physical senses and the intellect. Please understand that I’m not saying that the intellect is in any way evil. The intellect is as neutral as a computer. A computer might target a nuclear missile at a major city and kill millions of people, but the computer does not understand what it is doing and it cannot see it as wrong. Likewise, the intellect simply organizes input into categories based on criteria that it has not defined and thus cannot change. The problem lies with the ego’s influence on the intellect and when categories are created that are labeled as “true” and “good” and others that are labeled as “false,” “bad,” “evil” and “dangerous.” In other words, instead of seeing all input as neutral, the ego imposes the “coloring” of a value judgment upon it. Thus, all input must be evaluated based on whether it is “good” or “bad’ according to “the knowledge of good and evil.”

Now, getting back to my opening statement; do you see why the ego does this? The ego is attempting to alleviate its fear of death by creating a system that cannot be challenged, yet in doing this, it inevitably creates a closed system, a system that will predispose people to rejecting the living truth of Christ. Why is this so? Because the ego’s system is based on interpretations that come from this world, and the truth of Christ comes from beyond this world.
Beloved, unfortunately, for the majority of religious Christians in this world, their ego has laid claim to the authority of Christ, meaning; it claims to be the representative of God in this world and in doing this it has usurped the position that Christ is meant to have in their life, namely; as the source of truth. The inevitable effect of this is that these people have become afraid to question the basic paradigm used by the ego to define its system, and this has trapped them in the closed system – the key of knowledge having been taken away. Thing is; even if the living Christ appeared to these people in a tangible manifestation, in this state of consciousness they would reject him and cling to the authoritative system created by man’s ego. And this, Beloved, explains why people could fail to recognize Christ and instead feel fully justified in killing him.

I stopped referring to myself as “Christian” a long time ago, when I could see (and feel) people retract from that statement. What I sensed was that many people today feel that Christians are judgmental, aggressive and mean-spirited, and this is because that has been their experience with Christians, ego-led Christians apparently, who have had the key of knowledge taken away from them by a religion that has lost touch with the reality of Christ. I now tell people, “I’m not a Christian, though I am a disciple of Christ. There’s a difference.”