Choose Life! (Even For Our Planet)

I’ve been deeply connecting with Spirit these days, especially as I meditatively walk trails alone in some pretty remote places. The Spirit has been sharing with me there some of God’s burden for His Creation and for a planet that is in DIRE need of restoration. I’m not going to get into it in depth right now, but He is even speaking to me there of “Israel in the Wilderness” who was allowed to die off because of their stubborn and rebellious ways (it was the next generation that could “inherit the Land”), and of how this relates to those who are not yielded to the Spirit in the ways that they live – even those who perpetuate the ways which seem right to men but which are destroying our planet.

Along these lines; I’ll simply say here that “inheriting the land” and the “working out” of salvation also has something to do with us coming into vibrational alignment with THE RESTORATION OF THIS PLANET – the revivification of the earth. This means that it is NOT JUST PEOPLE who are transitioning from one age to another, but THE EARTH (and everything in it), and the progressive transition of this planet (from where it is now to the next phase of the kingdom) is largely dependent upon THE THOUGHTS AND THE DEEDS OF MEN. So, please, THINK REAL HARD about what YOU are doing these days and how THAT effects our natural environment, for, believe it or not, even THAT has an effect on your (progressive) salvation.

Beloved, the transition of the earth into a better state of being will not happen by God forcing it into a higher state, but because of A CRITICAL MASS of people who shall learn how to bring about such change with their THOUGHTS and their WORDS and their DEEDS, and by some other people being JUDGED and even removed from the planet, and by way of many others being AWAKENED to a higher level of being – a much more loving state of consciousness (even more loving toward the planet and its environments – its whole eco-system).

And so, it seems to me that a key to advancement for even the planet itself is to EXPAND people’s VISION and their CONSCIOUS PERSPECTIVE so that they will MAKE BETTER CHOICES – by them learning to CHOOSE LIFE instead of them simply practicing the accepted ways of men which is leading the whole planet into death and destruction. It is all a matter of consciousness and of vibration and of love, really, which (in general) first happens at the etheric or spiritual level, then at the mental level, then at the emotional level, until finally LIFE-GIVING AWARENESS begins to break forth and manifest in the physical realm, and this whole thing often “gets rolling” IN PEOPLE just by sharing things like this.

So, please consider (in heart) what is being said here, and also consider how to apply what is being said to the way that you live.