Changing the World

Someone said to me recently, “Why don’t you just let it go? You can’t change the world!” My response was, “That’s largely what we’re here for! Our commission is to CHANGE THE WORLD, if not just one person at a time.”

Beloved, what I have been sharing about of late is all about WAKING UP, and about effecting the energetic substructure of this world with the vibrations which come from OUR THOUGHTS and our PRAYERS and our WORDS and our DEEDS.

In other words, we are THE SOLUTION to the world’s problems, in that God is in the process of FIXING this whole mess THROUGH US, just as I described above. All we need to do is be awake(ned) and aware and thereby rightfully aligned with TRUTH, and then just THINK ON and SPEAK ON and ACT as led.

That’s it.

Quite simple, really.