Challenging Man’s Illusions

If you take an honest look at religious or spiritually interested people today, you will see that most of them are simply not very teachable, for they spend much of their time rejecting growth by allowing their egos and religious mindsets to manipulate them into rejecting new ideas based on the fight-or-flight response.

The essence of THE PATH which has been coming forth (in word form) from the Spirit lately is that we all become aware of THE EGO FED ILLUSIONS and misaligned vibrations which reside in us and LET THEM GO, whereby we can allow the ego-self to die (as if it never existed) and the sense of identity THAT IS BUILT UPON CHRIST to then take over.

But how is it that we become able to SEE THROUGH the illusions that we currently hold? Well, only by allowing THE TRUTH OF CHRIST to challenge those illusions! The ego though (which has a tremendously strong survival instinct) does not want this to happen, and so, it will do just about anything it can in order to PREVENT US from questioning our illusions (and our vibrational misalignments) by causing us to REJECT TRUTH which is only intended to lead us further UPWARD into Christ.

In other words, the ego-driven fight-or-flight response in man often causes him to reject new ideas before he has actually given them serious, deep-heart, Spirit-connected consideration, and the result of this is generally that he stays in THE SAME STATE OF CONSCIOUSNESS for a very long time – a lot of men even fighting to prove or defend things from their very limited point of perspective until the day that they die.

With regard to this last statement; I know for a fact (and don’t ask me how I know this) that there are CONSENSUS ENVIRONMENTS in the 4th dimension which have been created BY THE THOUGHTS of ego-driven “spiritual” people – Astral Plane religious communities which people think is “heaven” but in which they dwell QUITE MISERABLY because SO MANY THINGS in these communities are still TERRIBLY MISALIGNED with Christ.

Essentially, these people have gotten in the 4th dimension what they spent so much time fighting for and arguing about in the 3d physical world. In other words, what you get in the afterlife is AN AMPLIFIED RETURN to you of your own internal vibrations, Beloved. No kidding. And so, WE DO WELL to let the Spirit expose (and deal with) ALL of our illusions and vibrational misalignments NOW, because then, what gets amplified and played back to us experientially “over there” is… Christ, only Christ.