Celebrating Tabernacles

I dare say here that the golden calves that Jeroboam set up in in Bethel and Dan can represent for us the things that we worship and then try to justify AS TRUE AND RIGHT CHRISTIAN LIVING, even the things that lie to us telling us that we don’t really need to go all the way “up to Jerusalem to sacrifice.” Think about this for moment with regard to even the modern “Christian” lifestyle, and you might be able to see how many people today hold to (and try to justify) that which is actually keeping them from living out “their reasonable (sacrificial) service” unto the Lord.

With regard to “Celebrating Tabernacles,” in the day of Ezra and Nehemiah a remnant of the “church” was called out from all captivity and deception to rebuild the Lord’s true temple in Jerusalem. It was revealed to this remnant then that the church was not celebrating the Feast of Tabernacles as it should.. and that this needed to be corrected.

This very same “revelation” is also coming forth to a remnant today, but the application for the modern day remnant is that in celebrating Tabernacles it is required that they LIVE AS SACRIFICES unto God and this without regard to personal cost, for without this there cannot be advancement into the next phase of the Kingdom.

Something to (prayerfully) consider…