Cause and Effect

It is the general opinion that nothing certain can be known concerning the topic that I have been writing about, that we must wait until we pass through the gates of death before we can obtain any certain knowledge of the hereafter. I disagree. Knowledge of such things can be birthed out from our relationship with God. There is really nothing that can’t be known by us. It’s just a matter of seeking (and seeking) and waiting (and waiting) and worshiping (and worshiping) and then receiving.

With regard to the spirit realm and the material realm, and to their relationship to one another, let me just say here that this relationship is rather causal and effectual, that one realm greatly effects the other, that the spirit world is a much more distinct and substantial world than the material world and therefore it is used to move this whole material world into action.

Perhaps this will help you to better understand why prayer and intercession can be so effective, beloved, even understand why the saints of God must first be able to ascend (in spirit) in priestly intercession before they can be used by God to change the world.