Becoming An Open Door

Beloved, the spirit of man has the ability to act as a radio receiver in that it can tune into any level of the material universe and it can tune into the various levels of the spirit world. In other words, we all have the ability to reach beyond the matter realm and tune into intelligent beings in various dimensions and worlds. […]

Feedback Looping

Let me give you another example of how the Law of Attraction can work negatively with our creative abilities… When people try to maintain the outer security of the ego, the more they will generate ENERGY IMPULSES that are sent into the cosmic mirror which cause A RETURN of conditions that threaten their sense of security. This then causes these people […]

The Cosmic Mirror

Wonder when your struggles are going to end? Well, consider this. I’m going to share a little bit here about how the 3D world “Law of Attraction” works in relation to your God-given creative abilities… The material universe is an energetic mirror, which means that whatever we send out (vibrationally), the universe must reflect back to us. In other […]

Created In the Image Of Elohim

Because a few people have recently mentioned the following passage of scripture as a proof text that human beings were created in God’s image, I feel led to comment on it… Then Elohim said, “Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness” …[So] Elohim created man in His own image, in the image […]

The Way To Never-Ending Growth In Awareness

Beloved, when you identify with the ego, you have the ego’s superficial certainty, and therefore it is easy to deny any confusion. If you’re at all confused about the things that I’ve shared recently, that is more than likely because your consciousness is no longer completely identified with the ego and you are moving forward, letting go of what […]

Christianity’s Ego-Created Infallible Thought System

Most people have a fear of death, and all throughout history, men, by way of the human ego, have come up with many clever and subtle schemes for alleviating their fear of death. One of these is to take ideas and organize them into a system, even a religious system, with doctrines that are elevated to the status of […]

What Is The Key Of Knowledge?

The original message of Christ became lost when people who depended on the human intellect and the analytical mind became the Church’s teachers and distorted Jesus’ true message and turned it into A THOUGHT SYSTEM that the intellect can fathom. This gave intellectually inclined people the sense that they could be in control of others, and this allowed politically motivated people to use the intellectuals […]

The Lifeline of New Perspectives

Most of us have had many religious ideas about the meaning of Christ and Antichrist programmed into our intellectual database – the Christian religion for very many centuries now having presented itself as the ultimate authority on these topics. The problem with this is that the Christian religion itself was long ago taken over by the consciousness of the […]

Not Valid Input!

And here’s why I sometimes get (not as much as I used to) “You’re terribly mistaken, David,” followed by some kind of well-accepted, Christian doctrinal stance… So, what is it about the intellect that causes it to constantly get in the way of spiritual growth? Well, the intellect is a relative faculty, meaning; that it […]

The Anti-christ Mind

One of the most subtle effects of the mind of Anti-christ is that it creates an entirely closed thought system and people whose minds have become clouded by relative polarities, many of them even believing that they have an infallible definition of what is good and what is evil. People trapped in this mind-state generally think that if they just move towards what […]