Francois’ Letter

I shared this once, a while ago, but I came across this letter again this evening and it is surely a timely word for me. This may speak to some of you as it did to me. It was written in the 1600′s by Francois Fenelon as advice to a disciple who was confined in […]

It Starts With A Prayer

Have you ever wondered how the first century apostles could be filled with numerous afflictions; be beaten by mad mobs, stoned, thrown into prisons, be constantly buffeted by public reproaches, persecutions and condemnations and YET these men of God would still write of their sorrows as being joyous, of their poverty as being rich, of […]

Job’s Crucible

Beloved friends, revival which will turn nations must begin in the trembling unveiling of our own hearts, and in the subsequent removal of all that is defiled and hidden deep within us. On my way to Syracuse, N.Y. several years ago, I was quickened to the word “Crucible” (this was the name of a steel […]

Blessed Be the Name of the Lord

In this day when I seem to be scratching my head quite often regarding the things that I am going through, I’ve been reminded of the numerous warnings given to us all about the trials and tribulation, sorrow and pain, which many of us must experience so as to be prepared as vessels in whom […]

Magnifying His Worth

I was meditating on the most recent subject of suffering last night, this especially with regard to the book of Job, and without being specific to certain passages of scripture, I feel led to make a brief statement… Satan is on a leash, meaning; his work is ultimately the work of God Himself. Sure, Satan […]

Sitting IN the Throne

As a reminder to the Church of today, I feel moved to say here that the Church IS NOT the Kingdom, in that the Church (those who have been called out of the world and its ways to serve God) is comprised of forgiven sinners, but the Kingdom of God is made up of NEW […]

Enemy Onslaught

This is a word from Larry Hodges, especially for those who are troubled and afflicted in their bodies… We need not think it strange when, as we are hearing in this present hour, many are being attacked in their bodies. For, no sooner is the Dragon cast out of the heavenlies than he is cast […]

Cleansing the Heart Floor

For your edification… Of course, self abnegation or self denial is indeed called for in the believer’s life, but it is the Holy Spirit who imparts the ability and the desire to live such a life in the Spirit. In other words, death to the creaturely self-life can in no way be accomplished by man’s […]

WHAT does He want?

I was eating lunch the other day and was thinking of how the Bible has little to nothing to say about great teachers or great preachers or great writers or great evangelists. I was thinking of how men make such a big deal today about “ministry” work, and of how men like to make heroes […]

Revival in the Midst of Persecution

An event in the natural (in Russia) has stirred me to mention John’s vision of Revelation 9, which begins with reference to a star that fell from heaven to the earth. It is said that this star was given the key to the shaft of the bottomless pit, and when this pit was opened, smoke […]