The Principle of Oneness and the Mind of Christ

I’m going to say something here about the principle of oneness and the mind of Christ. It is described in the Bible as follows: “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. The same was in the beginning with God. All things were made by him; […]

A Sister Asked…

A sister asked (with regard to the last post about “mis-qualified Source Energy”) – “All that you are sharing is very thought provoking, but I am having a problem with your use of the word ‘qualify.’ In the context you use it, the word seems to mean ‘direct.’ Is that correct?” My response was this, and then I’ll […]

The Epic Struggle – A Tool For Energetic Parasitism

As far as I see it, one of the most dangerous effects of the epic struggle is that it serves perfectly in allowing the ego to justify doing what it wants to do, namely, raising itself up at the expense of others. Really, it shouldn’t take a great stretch of the imagination to see this. Just look […]

The Temporal Mis-qualification of Pure Energy

As I have shared, human beings, by design, are co-creators with God, and they have been given this ability to co-create by way of the constant stream of energy which flows from their minds, their hearts and their emotions. This stream of energy, when fully aligned with THE MIND OF CHRIST will continually bring forth the […]

Fully Given to the Narrow Way

Beloved, the Holy Spirit will not flow (like a river) through anyone who is not given wholly to SELF TRANSCENDENCE and to DYING DAILY to everything that limits the FREE-FLOW of the Spirit. That said, I think that for those of us who are willing to be FULLY ENGAGED with the salvation process and FULLY […]

Choose Life! (Even For Our Planet)

I’ve been deeply connecting with Spirit these days, especially as I meditatively walk trails alone in some pretty remote places. The Spirit has been sharing with me there some of God’s burden for His Creation and for a planet that is in DIRE need of restoration. I’m not going to get into it in depth […]

Bringing Forth the Kingdom NOW!

I’ve shared with you about how we can RAISE THE VIBRATION of the physical 3d projection of ourselves to match MUCH HIGHER ASPECTS of ourselves, and about how by doing this we can SEE everything from a much higher perspective. I’m now going to share with you about how when we are confronted with imperfect […]

Sending Out His Angels

“The Son of Man will send out his angels, and they will weed out of his kingdom everything that causes sin and all who do evil.” (Matthew 13:41) I propose to you, beloved, that the recent writings and emphasis on fellowship in Christ’s sufferings and the way of the cross is a part of the […]

The (Unstoppable) Big Shift

We live in a world where there seems to be more evil present than good. Life is not easy here because it is NOT SUPPOSED TO BE. For spirits, this world in its present state is one of probation and exile, trials and expiations, but this is destined to (soon) change. Though little is known […]

The Thinning Veil

Beloved, many of you may not be able to tell just yet, but the veil between this and other dimensions is thinning, and this is having all sorts of effects on the people who dwell in the 3d world. For some, what is going on all around them (in the spirit world) is becoming much […]