A Short Story

I have a story to tell…. The lease is up on my car soon, so I went out tonight to just look, sticker shopping. I pulled into a car dealer at about 5:50 PM, and looked around for about 25 minutes or so, to find out when I wanted to leave that I couldn’t leave! […]

A Thought Provoking Testimony

OK. In light of my day yesterday, I’m going to share a testimony with you. This is something that happened many years ago (maybe 10 or so?). Why I haven’t told this until now, I don’t know. It was early one summer morning and I felt led to go and take a walk along a beach on the […]

Food for Thought

A sister has shared how she too has been recognizing how the message doesn’t change but just gets clearer. She also said, “It also just struck me that the Remnant is being given these revelations not to become Elite, but to become priests, ministers to lead the people into this new age. Just like the […]

Ministering to a Cloud of Witnesses

I’ve shared a bit of late about “vibrational medicine.” With regard to this, I was visiting someone over the past week and felt led to teach them a little about this and about meditation. While getting them to relax and clear their mind, I put some specific essential oils on their chakra points and placed […]

Another Testimony

I have shared with you recently that there are missions assigned to spirits which are proportioned to the progress that they have made, and that these missions are for the purpose of cleansing the spirit further so that they might ascend into higher realms. With regard to this, I will share with you a testimony. […]

Heavenly Hug

This is a testimony from Toronto (2008). I’ve been recently reminded of this, and other things that have happened in Toronto over the years, as I don’t expect to be returning there. I was there just a week ago, and Canadian Border/Immigration made it pretty clear to me that I am not welcome there. When […]

Walking in Spiritual Authority

I’ll share with you here a short testimony, something from a recent Toronto trip … One afternoon, James and I were led through a city park where we encountered a man, a homeless man, and a brother in Christ who was in need of some help. This brother’s name is Peter. We talked and we […]

A Short Note

Most people who have been on my e-mail list for any length of time know that I’m often out in the streets of our major cities ministering to people as led by the Lord there. Now, I have written about some of the experiences that I’ve had out on these streets, and I share some […]

Revival or Riot

It seems that wherever I go these days there is either revival or riot. Even when I was sick as a dog the other day and just trying to catch a cab to a bus station in Syracuse, I was thrust into another spiritually weird situation (I’m not sure if this was a “riot” or […]

Edwards Divine Deliverance

Greetings, beloved ones in Christ; A short while ago, I shared a brief testimony about Edward, an 83 year old homeless man who was delivered from poverty and homelessness (pretty much overnight) by way of the word of the Lord. I feel though, that I should share with you here a few more details about […]