Two X 144,000

A brother asked me recently about the “144,000,” and I shared with him that I believe that that directly relates to the “Tabernacle of David” people, more specifically, to all those who attain to the First Resurrection. I say “to all those who attain to the first Resurrection” because we have two very different descriptions […]

Some More Thoughts

Beloved, It is my understanding that the Sons of God existed IN CHRIST before the ages even began, and that these Sons shall all fully RETURN INTO HIM AGAIN, once their ascension BACK unto glory is complete. I’m saying here, beloved, that at the dawn of the Creation the Sons of God came out from […]

Realizing The Promise

I think that most of you will probably agree that though many people today receive (with their minds) the doctrine of Sonship, very few people will actually step in the faith and the obedience that is required to receive the promise of it. In this past season, there has surely been many and various tests […]