Ruling from Zion

Sister Elena has pointed out recently that there is something specific about “the 144,000” which relates to “sons.” I agree. Elena said, “You can also think of 12 as being the number of sonship in that Jacob had 12 sons and so did Jesus. Viewed this way, we can see that the number 144,000 is […]

Out From The Dead

Beloved ones, God is now preparing a remnant for the resurrection OUT FROM the dead. As far as I understand it, this remnant is made up of believers who are alive on the earth now and those who have gone on to the other side of the veil through physical death. These are the children […]

Walking in the Responsibilty of Sons

At this time when many Christians are following their denominational king Sauls into spiritual reprobation, there is also something horribly wrong with many of the “kingdom” and “sonship” camps, too. Yes … though many people in these places have come into an understanding of some deep and wonderful kingdom truths, the sad fact is that […]

The Work of Aspiring Sons

You’ll find below an excerpt from an article that was sent to me recently (this one written by Raymond S. Kraft). I find what is said here to be rather interesting, as I shared some very similar thoughts with a brother just a few hours before I received this. In regard to the excerpt; it […]

John 21 Insight

A passage of scripture was brought to my attention this morning. It’s from John 21, verses 20 through 23. That passage reads like this … Peter, turning around, saw the disciple whom Jesus loved following them; the one who also had leaned back on His bosom at the supper and said, “Lord, who is the […]

Fully Balanced

Beloved, I find it quite interesting to see how this series which started with sharing on the gender completeness of Adam (and our eventual gender completeness) has now come around to a discussion about brideship and sonship. I think that this is because brideship and sonship are about the female and male characteristics of God […]

Brideship to Sonship – Part 2

Thanks to Chris Anderson for his shared insights in this. I feel to share here just a short word on “brideship” and “sonship,” which are two very different paradigms for our development into a place of oneness with our Lord. The characteristics and qualities of “the bride” differ greatly from the characteristics of “matured sons,” […]

Brideship to Sonship – Part 1

Acknowledgment is given here to J. Preston Eby for some of his great insights into this matter of the bride of Christ and the Marriage of the Lamb. Let us be glad and rejoice, and give honour to Him: for the marriage of the Lamb is come, and His wife hath made herself ready. And […]

A Pregnant Virgin

I’ve been able to draw some distinctions lately between Brideship and Sonship, and of how these relate to the New Jerusalem (the Holy City) and to Mt. Zion (a high and holy place of RULERSHIP in the spirit realm). With regard to Brideship, that is certainly no small thing, as one must be presented to […]

Adoption of Sons

I feel the need to express a few things today, some things that are foundational to our understanding of “sonship,” as many Christians are not very familiar with the true meaning of “sonship” or “the adoption of sons” or “the placement of sons” as those things are revealed to us in scripture. It is no […]