Resonating with the Father

After making a statement about the futility of man trying to create anything on his own, and of His sovereignty over all things having created all things, God then says through Isaiah “I will look to him who trembles at my word”(66:2). I propose to you here, beloved, that this is not merely about shaking in your […]

Thinking Hearts

Along the lines of what I’ve been sharing (with my e-mail list) lately, I have also been hearing about the need for us to THINK WITH OUR HEARTS and not our heads (for there we connect with the Father), and of the tremendous HEALING EFFECTS which come from THE ENERGY FIELD that radiates from thoroughly […]

Feeding Upon The Crucified Christ

Beloved, our perfection will not come by way of “the rapture,” or by what many think of as “the second coming of Christ,” but comes by way of AN INTERNAL CATCHING UP to the right hand (authority) of the Father through THE DEATH OF ONE’S SOUL (his or her self-life). Then, that same Spirit which […]

The Reality Of A Rent Veil

Surely, the Tent of Meeting and Solomon’s Temple both picture for us God’s plan for the redemption of His whole Creation-man, the sections of this tent and temple representing our journey from newly “begotten from above” sinner who is justified by faith, to our manifestation as a son of God. This morning I draw your […]

It’s A Conception, Not A Birthing

This is for those of you who desire more insight into the meaning of “gennethe anothen,” something that is inaccurately translated as “born again” in many Bibles. Thanks to Stephen Jones for his shared insight on this subject. – D  * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * […]

The Victorious Ones

FYI: The most recent bizarre shooting/killing/suicide (where a man set fire to some cars and houses and then opened fire on firemen and police officers who responded to the blaze) happened only about 10 miles from where I’m now staying in NY. As a matter of fact, one of the firemen killed in this incident […]

The Cog of God

I feel to say something briefly here about “Ezekiel’s Wheel,” of how it can represent for us a son who walks in COMPLETE UNION WITH THE SPIRIT, this one perhaps in ceaseless activity and yet always RESTING perfectly in God, this because GOD IS THE COG within this one’s wheels (his activities). For brevity’s sake, […]

Psalm 23 – The Way of Sons

Beloved, I’ve shared of Sonship recently, and of Mt Zion, the place from which Sons rule. I have also shared (not quite with these words though) that the only way to get to Mt Zion is THROUGH the Valley of the Shadow of Death. It seems that because of this, very few people make it […]

Dream of the Manchild

I had a dream last night in which I was walking and holding a baby. I knew that this baby was mine, and I was quite proud that it had come forth. The baby was sitting upright as I held it and I held it so that we could look deeply into one another’s eyes […]

The Way Into the Fullness

Beloved, I feel that I am to sound an alarm to God’s end-time remnant today, if not also to all of the nations of professed Christendom, that most of us for long have spoken of the things of true discipleship, but the truth is that we have not been living as true disciples. We’ve really […]