I came across this “The Way of The Cross” article in the archives in a rather timely fashion – after just having a conversation with a family member about why I cannot in good conscience stuff my face on “Thanksgiving” like so many others do – spend a day eating the things that the Spirit (for a long […]

The Temporal Mis-qualification of Pure Energy

As I have shared, human beings, by design, are co-creators with God, and they have been given this ability to co-create by way of the constant stream of energy which flows from their minds, their hearts and their emotions. This stream of energy, when fully aligned with THE MIND OF CHRIST will continually bring forth the […]

The Metaphysical Portal IN YOU!

Within every human heart lies the spiritual connection to higher dimensions of consciousness. This is the metaphysical portal to divine wisdom and knowledge and morality and unconditional love, and is our connection to even higher aspects of ourselves, which are future aspects of ourselves (from a 3d perspective), but which are also fully PRESENT and AVAILABLE to us […]

OK, And So…

OK, so I’ve presented to you that “the Son,” “the Only Begotten Son, “the Way,” “the Truth,” “the Life,” “the Door” and “the Open door” are all the same thing, right? – CHRIST. Can you see yet that when Jesus said “I am these things” it was THE CHRIST speaking through him? Can you see […]

Beyond Boundaries

I’ve been having a bit of an identity crisis of late, in that the Spirit has been challenging me to surrender EVERYTHING of the lower/mortal self to the extent that my identity with the finite self (which is based mostly on my experiences of this physical life) DIES OFF completely and I am REBORN into […]

Sending Out His Angels

“The Son of Man will send out his angels, and they will weed out of his kingdom everything that causes sin and all who do evil.” (Matthew 13:41) I propose to you, beloved, that the recent writings and emphasis on fellowship in Christ’s sufferings and the way of the cross is a part of the […]

You Are What You Eat

By the way, if you’ve ever wondered why there seems to be such a gross difference between the God of the Old Covenant under the Law, and the God of the New Covenant, well, that is simply the difference between God relating to man through the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil and […]

Raising David’s Tabernacle

This is something that was written several years ago, but is something that is quite fitting to share now, especially in the light of what has recently been shared about the Lord’s “presence” or “parousia.” It’s by this “presence” that He intends to change the world, beloved. This article scripturally and prophetically spells out pretty […]


I wrote this the other day, sent a copy to a brother, and then deleted it, thinking that I wasn’t supposed to post this or send it out to my e-mail list. I was wrong about that, so here it is…To quote from a recent letter…“Death and birth can both be rather stressful for spirits […]

Letting Out The Self-Life

Love carries faithful people into places of suffering because suffering (not rejected nor recoiled from) is A TOOL used by the Father to let-out self. The Apostle Paul knew this, and he knew that deliverance from self was the ONLY way for man to enter into the fullness of Christ’s resurrection, the fullness of Life. […]