The Way of Ascension

First off; let me say here that “heaven” is not a far away glittering jewel studded city that religious people make it out to be, but rather, that word is simply a term for THE SPIRIT REALM with all of its varying degrees and dimensions. This short article (for the most part) is about attaining […]

The Thinning Veil

Beloved, many of you may not be able to tell just yet, but the veil between this and other dimensions is thinning, and this is having all sorts of effects on the people who dwell in the 3d world. For some, what is going on all around them (in the spirit world) is becoming much […]

Walking Down Ancient Paths

I’ve shared in the past how important it is these days, when the kingdom of man is falling apart, that we look to God for the good way, even the ancient paths, and walk therein. Jeremiah 6:16 says … Thus saith the LORD: “Stand ye in the ways, and see, and ask for the old […]

Moving Mountains

In light of what I’ve written recently on ketogenesis, I feel to add here that my Bro. Brad shared with me this morning a word that he received about “vibrational reconstruction” and about a visual that was incorporated into this word, something that he said looked like energetic confetti raining down and being scattered all about. I told B that I suspect […]

Rooting Out Selfishness

I was thinking this morning of selfishness, of how it seems to be that from which all evil proceeds, of how it seems to be at the bottom of our every vice and sin. I was also thinking that if we hope to attain to moral excellence in this life we must must root out […]

Not I, But Christ

Beloved, Jane Leade in the past described something that she called the “probation state.” This has to do with a trial period through which we are required to pass wherein all that is of the soulish realm finds its END and may no longer be allowed to influence our behavior by way of self-will, soulish […]

Zion Takers

Beloved, while many in the Church today still teach about “an escape rapture” and about an external “first resurrection,” I’m quite convinced that the true rapture is AN INTERNAL ASCENSION, a catching up of those who have so entered into death to the self-life that they can take Mt. Zion. “Zion,” the Holy Hill of […]

You Are What You Eat

By the way, if you’ve ever wondered why there seems to be such a gross difference between the God of the Old Covenant under the Law, and the God of the New Covenant, well, that is simply the difference between God relating to man through the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil and […]

Raising David’s Tabernacle

This is something that was written several years ago, but is something that is quite fitting to share now, especially in the light of what has recently been shared about the Lord’s “presence” or “parousia.” It’s by this “presence” that He intends to change the world, beloved. This article scripturally and prophetically spells out pretty […]


I wrote this the other day, sent a copy to a brother, and then deleted it, thinking that I wasn’t supposed to post this or send it out to my e-mail list. I was wrong about that, so here it is…To quote from a recent letter…“Death and birth can both be rather stressful for spirits […]