Practicing Discernment

Beloved, the role of the ego is to build fortress walls that are impenetrable to anything that can expand consciousness or which requires an expansion in consciousness to understand, and in this way it acts much like a computer that mindlessly carries out its programming and which takes people further and further into their dogma and their other black-and-white thinking. The ego was born out of a […]

Being Willing To Leave The Safe Zone

There has always been a clear element of fear in religion, and this is evidence today in people’s reaction to even things that I write. Most Christians have been brought up in an environment that is dominated by the belief that only the people who believe a certain way will be “saved” — will go […]

The Temporal Mis-qualification of Pure Energy

As I have shared, human beings, by design, are co-creators with God, and they have been given this ability to co-create by way of the constant stream of energy which flows from their minds, their hearts and their emotions. This stream of energy, when fully aligned with THE MIND OF CHRIST will continually bring forth the […]

Enough is Enough, Already!

Surely, one application of “the first will be last and the last first” is that when those who are the most experienced and who have attained positions of leadership become rigid in their approach to “the path” or in their approach to teaching or organization, their growth comes to a screeching halt, while there are […]

The Big Shift

The whole world is in a process of being changed, so that it too may transition into its NEXT PHASE of evolution. You can call this a shift into the “Kingdom Age” or the “Age of Tabernacles” or the “Age of Aquarius” – whatever. It doesn’t matter what you call  it. What matters most is […]

The Mystery of Suffering

The purpose of suffering and tribulation unto death of the self-life is a mystery to most Christians today, the majority of them looking upon salvation as a means of being PRESERVED from the Valley of the Shadow of Death and the hour of evil’s power, but being  regularly SUBJECTED to these things is largely the divine […]

The Crown of Incorruption

The apostle Paul often wrote about striving for “the crown of incorruption,” and I believe that receiving this crown (knowing such incorruptibility) is a reward for SELF-DENIAL. Paul’s favorite allegorical illustrations for this “striving” are of foot-races and of gladiatorial contests, those things being tests of great strength and prowess and things that men “striveth for the mastery of.” The phrase “striveth for the […]

The Metaphysical Portal IN YOU!

Within every human heart lies the spiritual connection to higher dimensions of consciousness. This is the metaphysical portal to divine wisdom and knowledge and morality and unconditional love, and is our connection to even higher aspects of ourselves, which are future aspects of ourselves (from a 3d perspective), but which are also fully PRESENT and AVAILABLE to us […]

Beyond Boundaries

I’ve been having a bit of an identity crisis of late, in that the Spirit has been challenging me to surrender EVERYTHING of the lower/mortal self to the extent that my identity with the finite self (which is based mostly on my experiences of this physical life) DIES OFF completely and I am REBORN into […]

Mental Taboos and Holy Cows

Some of you are probably beginning to realize that REALITY is far more complex than your traditional beliefs, yes? You will see even MORE complexity, and it will be obvious to you that the SALVATION PATH is not tread in one short lifetime, but across MANY lifetimes. Thus, reincarnation will eventually become self-evident to all […]