The Principle of Oneness and the Mind of Christ

I’m going to say something here about the principle of oneness and the mind of Christ. It is described in the Bible as follows: “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. The same was in the beginning with God. All things were made by him; […]

Enough is Enough, Already!

Surely, one application of “the first will be last and the last first” is that when those who are the most experienced and who have attained positions of leadership become rigid in their approach to “the path” or in their approach to teaching or organization, their growth comes to a screeching halt, while there are […]

Illuminating Hell

This is an article that I shared quite a while ago, but because of a recent discussion with a brother along the lines of this, I feel led to pass this along again. As this brother shared with me, there is lots and lots of work to be done in the 4th dimension. — D […]

A Word to Consider

Because we’ve been dealing with high level house/temple cleaning here in Florida – dealing with spiritual influences as led by the Spirit, my thoughts have largely been moved in the direction of recognizing what’s going on in the spirit world around us and dealing with whatever it is in an appropriate way as the Holy […]

Monkey Business

It seems to be a common belief among many Christians today that there is a corruption and hardness of heart in men today which is unchangeable on a large scale. I don’t believe that. My spirit bears witness that no matter how hard a heart or stubborn its will, it must eventually give way to […]

Renunciations and Proclamations

I’m tremendously thankful to God for the breakthroughs experienced here of late with regard to freeing some people from the power of the Jezebel spirit. Beloved, we’ve all drank from Jezebel’s cup, have eaten food sacrificed to idols and have been seduced by this spirit unto spiritual adultery (read on and you’ll understand why I say […]


I am someone who has a great appreciation for intercession, and for Intercessors… I’m not sure that many people in the church understand the difference between prayer and intercession. Praying has to do with bearing witness to something through prayer for the purpose of bringing the Father’s will to pass. Intercession is similar, but there […]

Ministry Across The Veil – A Testimony

Please keep in mind that ministry across the veil is not just to lost spirits in the hellish realms, but it can also be to spirits of higher (4d) vibrational spheres who still have lessons to learn – issues of heart which need some adjusting. I’ll share a testimony with you about this… Several years ago, when living in […]

Naaman’s Pride

I’ve been sharing some things lately with the people on my e-mail list about the huge and various health benefits of taking bovine colostrum, and I now feel led to make available to everyone some of the best colostrum around and this at true wholesale prices (see “Other” in the menu bar above if you […]

It Starts With A Prayer

Have you ever wondered how the first century apostles could be filled with numerous afflictions; be beaten by mad mobs, stoned, thrown into prisons, be constantly buffeted by public reproaches, persecutions and condemnations and YET these men of God would still write of their sorrows as being joyous, of their poverty as being rich, of […]