Two X 144,000

A brother asked me recently about the “144,000,” and I shared with him that I believe that that directly relates to the “Tabernacle of David” people, more specifically, to all those who attain to the First Resurrection. I say “to all those who attain to the first Resurrection” because we have two very different descriptions […]

Some More Thoughts

Beloved, It is my understanding that the Sons of God existed IN CHRIST before the ages even began, and that these Sons shall all fully RETURN INTO HIM AGAIN, once their ascension BACK unto glory is complete. I’m saying here, beloved, that at the dawn of the Creation the Sons of God came out from […]

Pouring Ourselves Out?

This is a touchy subject, I know, but it is the leading of the Spirit for me to share on this this morning. — D * * * * * * * * * * * * * As many of you know, I share quite a bit about the importance of “sacrificial giving,” even […]

The Catching Up

This is a note recently shared with a sister… Hi Linda, with regard to “the rapture,” the scriptures certainly reveal a “catching up” of the saints, but the truth regarding this seems to be a far cry from what is actually being taught in the pulpits. In order for this “catching up” to heaven to […]

Resurrection and the Life

Beloved, in the light of what I have shared recently, I feel to touch on something that Jesus said to Martha in John chapter 11. * * * * * * Lazarus had just died, and Martha went out to meet Jesus as He was coming into Bethany. When she came to Him she said, […]