The End Goal – Oneness in Christ

Although there are certainly other interpretations, it seems quite clear to me that Jesus said that no one can come to the Father/Spirit except by going through the Christ, which means that no one can be “saved,” can enter the kingdom of God, without going through THE CHRIST MIND, without becoming ONE with the Christ mind, and […]

Truth Is Unfolded (As We’re Ready For It)

Just FYI: King David’s Table ( is a medium for largely meeting with Christians who are transitioning from organized religion to something much more, and the new website Dimensions of Truth ( is essentially designed and intended to be more welcoming to non-Christians and to New Agers who are ready to transition to a deeper understanding of the things […]

The Consciousness of Oneness

This is jumping in on the coat-tails of another message (which didn’t get posted on the website), but there’s a lot to glean from here so I’m putting this one up. — D With regard to a recent e-mail, I have shared with a brother that in the context that I have used “self aware beings” and “self-awareness,” the intended […]

The Mystery of Suffering

The purpose of suffering and tribulation unto death of the self-life is a mystery to most Christians today, the majority of them looking upon salvation as a means of being PRESERVED from the Valley of the Shadow of Death and the hour of evil’s power, but being  regularly SUBJECTED to these things is largely the divine […]

Putting on the New Man

Of late, I have been sharing with my e-mail list some rather heady messages about the way of Entropy vs the way of Negentropy. This is much the same message, but from a biblical perspective. In other words, this is for the Christians who like to have some scripture references. I have shared with you how changing […]

Some Heavy Morning Musings

It is my understanding that all beings originally existed as spirit (pure mind or consciousness – Genesis 1:26-27), and that all things existed in harmony (though untested and tried) with God before the physical creation. Then, as the process of “the fall” (or the testing) began, individual beings became weary of their union with God […]

The Wheel of Nature

I’ve been sharing many things with my roommate lately about how reincarnation is part of the Gospel and of the blessed plan for the reconciliation of God’s Creation Man. I’ve also been sharing about Man’s ability to get off the karma wheel in Christ by attaining to “the resurrection out from the dead” (“the exanastasis” […]

And What About The Thief On The Cross?

This is the follow up to “OK, And So…” So, you may want to read that first. — D And what about “the thief on the cross”? Well, I don’t presume to know all that was going on vibrationally in the heart (spirit) of that man, but it appears that in his be-crossed state he […]

OK, And So…

OK, so I’ve presented to you that “the Son,” “the Only Begotten Son, “the Way,” “the Truth,” “the Life,” “the Door” and “the Open door” are all the same thing, right? – CHRIST. Can you see yet that when Jesus said “I am these things” it was THE CHRIST speaking through him? Can you see […]

One Great Flock

In thinking upon what I said the other day about God doing away with all religions, I’ve been drawn to meditate this morning on a comment made by Jesus which is recorded for us in John 10:16. “I have other sheep that are not of this sheep pen. I must bring them also. They too […]