Being Willing To Leave The Safe Zone

There has always been a clear element of fear in religion, and this is evidence today in people’s reaction to even things that I write. Most Christians have been brought up in an environment that is dominated by the belief that only the people who believe a certain way will be “saved” — will go […]

Coming Out To Worship The One

I can’t help but say something here about the spirits that are working in and through Christianity today, and of the myriads of people who have had the light of Christ withdrawn from them because they worship a false god, a false Christ. The thing is; most Christians cannot even make use of the things that the Spirit of Truth […]

Truth Is Unfolded (As We’re Ready For It)

Just FYI: King David’s Table ( is a medium for largely meeting with Christians who are transitioning from organized religion to something much more, and the new website Dimensions of Truth ( is essentially designed and intended to be more welcoming to non-Christians and to New Agers who are ready to transition to a deeper understanding of the things […]

Just FYI…

Just FYI: A friend and I are considering putting up a new website, another blog of sorts, which has a lot more to do with wellness in body, soul and spirit and which is much lighter on prophetic exhortations and the “strong meat” side of things. This will cover more thoroughly the way to grasp onto wholeness and […]

Enough is Enough, Already!

Surely, one application of “the first will be last and the last first” is that when those who are the most experienced and who have attained positions of leadership become rigid in their approach to “the path” or in their approach to teaching or organization, their growth comes to a screeching halt, while there are […]

How’s Your Wineskin?

I think that many people in the world today DO actually have “ears to hear,” but because there is a conflict between their inner (hearing) being and their outer mind, they have tremendous problems TUNING IN. In other words, many people today do indeed have the inner readiness to receive the Living Word from the […]

Dealing with Graven Images and Misaligned Vibes

There are many people today who believe that because they are “good Christians” that they just need to follow the outer rules of their religion (and/or follow what they know as “Bible knowledge”) and then everything will just work out for them. Yet God is no respecter of persons, and those who want to enter […]

Through the Son into the Kingdom

In the beginning (before the Creation was created), Source Energy/God (for lack of a better description) divided into the Personages of Father (“El” in Hebrew – Original Thought/Consciousness) and Mother (“Eloah” in Hebrew – Original Feeling), and these were brought together vibrationally (call it “conjugal union,” if you like) for the purpose of CREATING – […]

The Tests

I’m going to share with you here a recent note that was sent out to my e-mail list. I’ve recently required a response from all those who desire to stay on the list, and those who did not respond were deleted. Here’s the note to the remainder of the list which explains just what is […]

Commenting On Some Comments

Below is a brother’s response (in italics) to something that I said about people of many religions coming to REALLY know Christ and in this way “entering the kingdom,” when others who “confess Christ” are being left outside. My comments to his comments then follow. — D (The brother’s comments)… “YES!! If the New Agers, Hindus, and […]