I’ve shared in the past about the laws of “action and reaction,” “cause and effect,” and of how “like attracts like.” Consider with this that the tribulations we now experience (or will experience) in our lives are attracted or magnetized to us by disharmonious habit patterns that exist within our very own personalities – that disharmonious habit patterns IN US act as SPIRITUAL MAGNETS – attracting to us EVENTS (contrast) which can cause us to become AWARE of these disharmonious habit patterns. Capisce? This is the nature and the effect of any “tribulation” that comes into our lives, Beloved.

The very nature of ego-influenced, 3rd and 4th dimensional human consciousness causes most people to be largely unaware of this truth though, and even largely unaware of having the very same negative vibrations and habit patterns that they so readily see in their fellow man. But, somehow (and by God’s grace), men WILL BE MADE AWARE of their vibrational issues and their disharmonious habit patterns which must be changed, and this in order to facilitate their ASCENSION unto higher and higher states of consciousness. This world SHALL be changed.

Beloved, because the transition of human non-divine consciousness into divine (Christ) consciousness is so very close for some of you, take special note these days of ANY disharmonious habit patterns that remain in your personality which are being brought to your attention through CONTRAST (the experiences that you don’t like), for this contrast is being brought about for the very purpose of HELPING YOU to become aware of (and be willing to deal with) the disharmonious things in your being. Capisce?

In summary; every negative, disharmonious incident or event that we experience these days, (yeah, those things which we humans always wanna think is caused by something bad in THE OTHER GUY) is being brought TO US as a perfect WAKE UP CALL unto conscious attention to the fact that some sort of disharmonious vibration IN US needs to be dealt with. Capisce?

Dio vi benedica tutti! (God bless you all!)