Buying Into The Lie

My thoughts this morning are drawn to Jeroboam’s Feast and Vashti’s Banquet. These both represent the same thing, really – religious lies which lead people to believe that a sacrificed life is not really their “reasonable service.”

In the days of Jeroboam, the people, like dumb sheep, followed their leader right into grievous idolatry, them believing Jeroboam’s lie that they did not need to go all the way up to Jerusalem to “sacrifice.” For us this represents people today who believe in the faulty doctrines which minister to their fearful and idolatrous hearts and which lead them to think that they do not really need to go with the Lord all the way into the sacrificed life of a true Christian. What is really happening though is that these people are being led to choose to “save self” over entering into the fellowship of Christ’s sufferings, and so these “believers” shall miss out on all that the Lord has for them in the true celebration of the Feast of Tabernacles.

Vashti’s Banquet  represents much the same thing for us prophetically – the Christian’s refusal to enter into Tabernacles. In short; the book of Esther opens to us with an introduction to a king named Ahasuerus who is throwing a royal banquet for all in his palace. This banquet is another prophetic shadow of the Feast of Tabernacles – the sacrificed life. Queen Vashti is throwing another banquet though. She represents a religious spirit (perhaps the spirit of Jezebel) which even today is attempting to lead people into a soulish religious feast AWAY from the sacrificed life. The soulish minded are drawn to this feast because they find comfort in believing that if they will just bow down to certain Christian religious beliefs and practices (Jeroboam’s golden calves) then they will qualify for the greatest of inheritances someday.

That is a lie. There is no way to attain to the exanastsis (Greek for the resurrection out from all adamic death) but by way of THE CROSS – fellowship in Christ’s sufferings being fully conformed to His death.