Buying Gold

Let me share this (slightly different perspective) as an addition to my most recent note…

Energy (which you and I are) moves and expands in a spiral shape. It is not linear. What this means is that we may experience similar and seemingly recurring trials and tests and temptations in our walk, but this is not because we have slipped back or slid down to a place where we’ve been before, but rather, we have just come back around to a place in our ever-expanding energetic spiral where contrast or adversarial circumstances are again being presented to us in order to get at vibrations in us that yet need to be purified (sanctified).

This is God’s way of “peeling away the layers of the onion” in us, beloved, of going deeper and deeper into the heart of impure vibrations in us until there is no longer a need for such contrast. You may want to think about this in the light of Jesus’ statement about our need to “buy gold refined by fire.” I’m not saying here that we’re not somehow responsible for creating many of our trials and trouble, but that we are, but that even this is often the result of A PROPER ASKING of God to purify us through and through.