Bringing Understanding

With regard to recent posts, a brother has written in with this…

“I just want to say that I see no problem with what you have shared in the last few days. For me, with all of which people like Bullinger and Ivan Panan discovered being the very signature (water mark) of authenticity upon the 66 books (of the Bible) ….it harmonizes.”

It does. It should. Because it is the unveiling of a mystery given by the Spirit of Revelation for our edification, the Spirit which is never to cease but is to increase more and more upon the earth, especially as we progress into the new age (the age of Tabernacles).

Beloved, there are many people in the Church today who are still ensconced in their local church or fellowship and who are still bound by certain religious traditions and dogma and who thereby are not yet ready for some of what we’ve been given recently, but GOD has been merciful to us, in that He is giving many of us now a clearer vision of the spirit world than we have ever had before and this to help us to to see the earth as a sacred workshop to be used for our maturing and our perfecting, and even see our temptations, trials and suffering as a blessing and the means given for us to be cleansed of the things which prevent us from gaining entrance into the highest realms of the spirit world.

With all of this, I want to add that there is also beautiful correspondence and harmony between the saints of the highest degrees in the spirit world and those who have gained entrance to those realms while still on the earth. The saints in light in the spirit world have a tendency to greatly influence us all for good, beloved, but they even bring down some of their gifts and powers to those on the earth with whom they stand in unity. This is part of their ministry to us, and is something that some of us are now becoming much more aware of. The people on “the other side” are not dead as nearly everyone supposes them to be, and many of them are far more alive and empowered and anointed than many of us might think.

May God rid us all of everything which is preventing us from coming to Mount Zion and to the spirits of just men made perfect, beloved, this including freeing some of us from the effects of traditional thoughts and teachings which have caused many of us to even fear such a thing. Even God’s elect sometimes fears what they don’t understand. So God is now bringing them .. understanding.

How marvelous.