Bringing Forth the Kingdom NOW!

I’ve shared with you about how we can RAISE THE VIBRATION of the physical 3d projection of ourselves to match MUCH HIGHER ASPECTS of ourselves, and about how by doing this we can SEE everything from a much higher perspective. I’m now going to share with you about how when we are confronted with imperfect appearances in the 3rd dimension, whether these be in our own lives, in our physical bodies or in the society or on the planet as a whole, that by seeing these things from our HIGHER PERSPECTIVES we will not see them as permanent or real, but only as TEMPORARY 3D PROJECTIONS upon the screen of life and as things WHICH CAN EASILY BE CHANGED.

Do you understand what I am saying here, Beloved? You are alive on this planet because you are constantly receiving a stream of spiritual light and life which flows from the Source of all, but the volume of this light and life (and even the quality of it) is tremendously effected by YOUR HEART ALIGNMENT TO CHRIST. Whatever anyone focuses upon or gives their attention to in this world is somewhat MAGNIFIED through the power of the light of God within them. This means that if they focus their attention on an imperfect appearance or condition they will actually REINFORCE THAT CONDITION vibrationally no matter what it is, especially if they believe that this appearance or condition is REAL and PERMANENT and not just a part of the 3d hologram/illusion.

When we are aligned with our higher perspectives in Christ though, we can SEE and KNOW experientially how we can use the power of our attention and vision to change the things in this 3d world. We can KNOW that when we are confronted with an imperfect appearance, that we do not ignore it or even deny that it exists, but we recognize that it exists as something that it is NOT ultimately real or permanent but only as a projection which is QUITE EASILY CHANGED by someone whose light and life-flow is CLEAN and is fairly unrestricted.

Beloved, I know that for many of you it is currently impossible to imagine the perfect vision of Christ in some of the situations that you encounter on a daily basis. This is why I have been led to show you how you can RAISE YOUR VIBRATION to match the higher aspects of yourselves in Christ, for there YOU DO NOT HAVE TO IMAGINE what is right and true and of the Father, but rather you just SEE these things because HIS PERSPECTIVE IS YOURS.

I am asking you here, dear Friends, to be wise as serpents and acknowledge that there ARE currently many imperfect appearances on planet earth, and yet I am also asking you to be harmless as doves by consciously acknowledging that these things ARE NOT REAL OR PERMANENT, and that by tapping into BIGGER and BIGGER and PURER and PURER Source steams, we have (through the means of our attention) THE POWER to superimpose the perfect vision of Christ upon ANY imperfect 3d condition.

Do you hear this? Do you see that this is how Jesus healed the withered hand and performed his other so-called miracles? When people saw the man with the withered hand, they immediately accepted the condition as real and they thought it was permanent. Jesus did not accept this illusion though. He saw BEYOND THE OUTER APPEARANCE and he focused his attention (and the energy of his thoughts and feelings) on A PERFECT HAND, and by way of THE POWER AND THE LOVE OF GOD which flows through THE CHRIST MIND, Jesus superimposed his vision upon the vibrating particles of the 3d world and he brought the misaligned vibrations and manifestations into alignment with the very heart of the Father. In other words, Beloved, Jesus exercised DOMINION over matter by commanding it to align with his vision and the dominant vibrations which were held in the mind of the embodied Christ.

Dear friends, if you believe that Jesus was and is the Christ, and if you are willing to follow HIS WAY (the way of the cross and of inward ascension), then YOU TOO shall do the works that he did. BUT, if you believe on the prince of this world and his lie that imperfect appearances are real or permanent, then this prince will have something IN YOU which will PREVENT you from being THE OPEN DOOR through which this world SHALL be forever changed.

Bless you all in your knowledge and understanding of these things.

In Christ’s love.