Bringing a Little More Clarity

Beloved, while most of Christianity proposes an eternal hell in which there will be eternal torment and torture for all “unbelievers,” and Universalism presents the message that because God is love there is no hell, I propose to you that the Spirit bears witness in this day that there IS a hell made up of many levels (or dimensional spheres), and that some of these levels are just as tormenting and horrid and dreadful as the hell declared by those who hold it to be eternal, BUT, I also propose to you that even the darkest dimensions of this hell are NOT eternal, but rather are being used by our Father for a set time and duration, and for a perfectly wise and lovingly prescribed purpose.

I was asked by a brother just recently if I’m teaching “purgatory.” Frankly, I’m not very familiar with that Catholic doctrine. What I am teaching is what I’m getting from the Holy Spirit to teach, and this is that whatever one enters into after physical death must already have begun to be their experience while still in this life, that our relationship with the Lord and our measure of sanctification by His Spirit is what qualifies us for entrance into the various corresponding worlds in the afterlife, and there are many of them, from the dreadful, to some that are heavenly and are glorious beyond what you or I can even think of or imagine.

Also, for whatever it may be worth to you, I feel moved to say that this present world in which we now live and with which mankind is so enamored and captivated, is but the highest of the hellish dark worlds.

With regard to the Paradisaical realm, it is my understanding that many believers (“begotten from above”) attain to this realm prior to their physical death, them having obtained a good degree of regeneration and renovation by the Spirit. These are here raised like precious spiritual plants being prepared for a higher transplanting. It seems to be a very rare thing for any spirits to come up fully to be with Christ in the New Jerusalem state immediately upon departing from their physical body, but it is my understanding that THIS IS CERTAINLY AVAILABLE TO US ALL. Generally speaking though, most diligent believers and true followers of Christ are admitted to Paradise upon their discarnation, and this is where they are further cleansed from the repercussions of the fallen adamic life and they learn and grow in Christ so that they can gradually ascend to higher and higher places, them moving “from glory to glory.”