Body of Moses

Beloved, first off, I feel led to say something here about THE BIBLE, and of how it is used by many (if not most) Christians today as A TOOL FOR DEATH more than it is used as an INSTRUMENT FOR DIVINE COMMUNICATION with the Father. I believe that this is because most Christians today have come to know Jesus as their Savior but they have not yet come to know ETERNAL LIFE which is a matter of COMMUNING WITH THE FATHER and of receiving FROM HIM the very expressions of His heart.

This said, the Bible is surely A SPIRITUAL BOOK, and it surely can bring forth the expression of the Father’s heart (THEN it is the Word) but it is also LOADED WITH DIVINE STUMBLING BLOCKS, those things which (by design) keep carnal minded men AWAY from the Truth.

These “stumbling blocks” in a sense are “cherubim,” in that they guard over and protect the glory of God by keeping adamic man from the revelation of that glory. “Cherubim” are imaginary creatures, beloved. They are embroidered on the veil that separated men from the Holy of Holies, and they overshadowed the Ark of the Testimony and its Mercy Seat within the Holy of Holies, and they are that which wield flaming swords and guard the way to the Tree of Life ALL TO SHOW US THAT GOD KEEPS CARNAL MINDED MAN AWAY FROM HIS REVELATION TRUTH BECAUSE THE CARNAL MIND IS AN ENEMY OF GOD. The carnal mind most always leads men down a path to death, not life. In Proverbs it says that there is a way that seems right unto (carnal minded) man but the end of those things ARE DEATH.

Now, this might seem like a bit of a digression from the subject here, but it’s not. I feel to say something here about “The Body of Moses.” I’ve been thinking lately of the passage of scripture that describes the archangel Michael wrestling with the devil over the body of Moses. Beloved, when we read this passage of scripture are we not supposed to get past the picture formed in our minds about an angel fighting with the devil over a corpse? I think that we are. Let’s try looking at this in this way…

Throughout the scriptures, the Holy Spirit often uses “Moses” as a type of THE LAW. He does this with phrases like, “Moses and the Prophets,” or “The Law of Moses,” or the “Commandments of Moses,” or “When Moses is read.” NONE of these things are actually referring to the physical man Moses. These are all things that are USED AS SYNONYMS FOR THE LAW OF GOD. It is in this way too that I think we must view the term “body of Moses” if we are to get beyond just a superficial understanding of that term.

As some of you probably know pretty well, Satan quite often tries to bring people under the Law (even Christian church law) and he does this because it brings people into religious BONDAGE rather than helping them to build a relationship with the Father whereby they can come to KNOW THE FATHER’S VOICE FOR THEMSELVES. Satan just loves religious laws, because they can SEEM QUITE RIGHT TO MEN but most often are the way of DEATH (alienation from God). In Jesus’ day, religious men were telling people that they needed to do certain things to be right with God but because God Himself was not asking these people to do these things, Jesus said to these teachers, “You experts in the law, woe to you, because you are loading people down with burdens that God has not given them.”

Now why does Satan so love to do this? Well, because when people fail in doing what religious men have heaped upon them he can then accuse them to no end, and if they succeed in doing what was heaped upon them then they often become PIOUS AND SELF-RIGHTEOUS WEIRDOS and Satan can then USE THEM to lay heavy religious burdens on others. Beloved, Satan’s accusations against people are not unfounded, but rather they are most always based upon some sort of law (even modern church law and traditions).

Now, to boil this down… what I’m trying to get at here is that “the dispute over the body of Moses” as that is mentioned in Jude 9 can describe for us a dispute about religious LEGALISM. As the Lord’s disciples we are not those who should sit bound by or condemned by religious laws, traditions, and/or ordinances, for we ARE NOT OF “THE BODY OF MOSES” BUT ARE THE BODY OF CHRIST! BELOVED, THE LAW OF THE SPIRIT OF LIFE HAS SET US FREE FROM LAWS OF SIN AND DEATH! THE HOLY SPIRIT HAS NOW BECOME A LAW TO US! THIS IS THE LAW OF THE SPIRIT OF LIFE! THIS IS THE TREE OF LIFE FROM WHICH WE CAN (and must) NOW EAT! (if we are to be fully conformed to the likeness and image of the Son).

Dear friends, I believe that Jude 9 also shows us that the devil needs to be reminded of all of this from time to time, so…

The Lord rebuke you, Satan! God’s children WITH AN EAR TO HEAR THE VOICE OF THE SPIRIT today shall no longer be bound by religious Babylon! They are COMING OUT! – out now from that thing which breeds “godly” deformities. Out now from that thing which ROBS THEM of their power and ROBS THEM of their true inheritance in Christ Jesus. God’s elect are coming TO KNOW THEIR FATHER! THEY ARE COMING INTO ETERNAL LIFE! They are coming to know (really KNOW) that THEY ARE FREE! … and there is nothing that you can do about it. God’s Sons shall manifest soon, and you and all of your works SHALL BE UNDER THEIR FEET.

All praise and glory be to the Father, and to the Lord Jesus Christ.

Father’s Kingdom come. His will be done.