Blessing the Experience

It is best not to render natural judgments upon our circumstances and experiences, that they be “good” or “bad,” but simply see them as that which has come our way and which are to be blessed by us so that we can reap full benefit from them. Most of us have a tendency to judge experiences or circumstances as “bad” and as something to avoid or get away from, or as “good and as something to be drawn to and relished in, when it ALL should be seen as neutral, seen simply as things that have ultimately come to us from the hand of the Father, divine tools intended to be used by Him for our perfecting. I see now how many (if not most) people today have to repeat the same trials over and over and over again, or seem to be stuck in their circumstances not moving on, and that this is because these folks have not yet learned how to bless their experiences and circumstances, see them from an eternal perspective, grow from them, and move on.