Beyond Boundaries

I’ve been having a bit of an identity crisis of late, in that the Spirit has been challenging me to surrender EVERYTHING of the lower/mortal self to the extent that my identity with the finite self (which is based mostly on my experiences of this physical life) DIES OFF completely and I am REBORN into my true infinite identity as ONE with the All in Christ.

Beloved, for lack of better expression about this at the moment, this is about getting FREE from the conscious self which has to think about this or “pray” about that – continually feeling that there is something OUTSIDE of us which we must “connect to” or “hear from,” rather than us just KNOWING that we too are EVERYWHERE IN THE CONSCIOUSNESS OF GOD and that this is where the “I” or the “us” becomes the “IS” for the energies, the ideas and THE REALITIES of the Father’s Kingdom to flow up through us (from our core – our center) into the material world.

This, dear friends, is about us not having thoughts of – “Oh, I don”t want to be in this situation anymore, and I really just wish it was over,” but us instead RESTING in the ALL-NESS of who we are in Christ whereby we can EXPRESS CHRIST in the situation and thereby TRANSCEND and TRANSFORM the whole situation into just another event which SERVES spiritual expansion. Are you with me?

Surely, this is what men saw in Jesus – Jesus having become THE “IS” OF ONENESS with the Father, and this is why so-called “miracles” could be manifested through Jesus constantly. I say “so called” here because those things that were expressed through him were not “miracles” so much as they were simply AN EXPRESSION OF THE NATURAL STATE OF THE LIGHT OF A SON IN UNION WITH THE FATHER.

And so, again, there is NOTHING that is hopeless, and change is ALWAYS possible, and THAT, beloved, is something that the power elite of this world DO NOT want you to know. They (in union with the spirit of the world) want you to believe that you are the sum (even the victim) of your human experiences and that the status quo (whatever that may be) cannot be changed by you going BEYOND THE BOUNDARIES of duality consciousness. This, of course, IS THE LIE that Jesus challenged with his life, and is that which WE who are now in physical embodiment also need to challenge.

Beloved, because of the perversions of Christianity which have taken away Jesus’ true teachings from most people and because of THE CONSCIOUSNESS OF MATERIALISM which has overcome this world today, most people have become largely UNBALANCED in that they have ONE-SIDED PROGRESS – they are technologically progressing but they are not spiritually advancing, and this technological progress is now creating LOTS AND LOTS OF PROBLEMS which ordinary people cannot solve. They cannot solve the problems because they do not have THE CORRESPONDING EXPANSION in their spiritual awareness to solve them.

BUT GOD has a plan – THE FIX for this world’s problems IS IN, and IT’S YOU, beloved, once you come to TRULY KNOW (and are thereby able to TRULY express) who YOU REALLY ARE in Christ.