Becoming An Open Door

Beloved, the spirit of man has the ability to act as a radio receiver in that it can tune into any level of the material universe and it can tune into the various levels of the spirit world. In other words, we all have the ability to reach beyond the matter realm and tune into intelligent beings in various dimensions and worlds.

It seems to me that there is a myriad of highly intelligent beings in Christ who are willing to communicate with us if we can just resonate with them for a while, and this is because they wholeheartedly desire to assist people on their spiritual path. It is my understanding that when the Earth was in a purer form, these beings could appear to people in the 3D world and people could literally walk and talk with them. That’s now a very rare occasion though, and this is because most people’s consciousness today has lowered to the extent that they cannot perceive spiritual “bodies.” Today, the imbalances created by human beings have lowered the vibration of the entire material universe to the extent that it has become much more difficult for people to perceive things of the upper dimensions.

To communicate with the Ascended Host in today’s world, Folks, we must raise our consciousness to a fairly high level, and this means that we must become somewhat internally balanced so that we are able to reach for the middle ground of Christ consciousness. If we do not reach for a certain amount of balance within the Christ mind, then we will not make contact with “the Ascended Host” but with beings who reside in the Astral plane. It should be remembered too that such beings are stuck at that level of consciousness because they have become imbalanced in certain ways. Therefore, if we want to get reliable communication from a higher realm than that, we need to reach for Christ consciousness and this means “the way of the cross” for us and with that a whole lot of work towards internal alignment.

That all said, I personally strive to be an “open door” for people, meaning; that when I share things with others I try to have no agendas and nothing in my mind that might distort the message – I simply try to share whatever it is that the Spirit gives me. This doesn’t mean that the messages are never colored though, as at this stage of the game it seems that the consciousness of the messenger limits/affects the message (if not just a little) and this mostly because of our “talents” and the way that we use language.

To be more specific; an aspect by which messages from “on High” are limited is that highly ascended beings (in Christ) will only multiply what we have in our consciousness, meaning: that they will naturally use words and concepts that we are familiar with and have us share on topics that we have already been made familiar with, and this is because where there are no “talents” there is nothing to multiply. Frankly, that works for me. I’m just trying my best to be faithful with what I’ve been given and I trust that in doing so we’ll keep getting more and more revelatory teaching from the Spirit.