Bearing Witness

Every life and situation that we encounter in the field of ministry is different, and this is why we (as the Lord’s servants and witnesses) must be walking very intimately with the Father — so that we might discern His will and then minister specifically to each individual according to that will.

Along these lines, when we pray for people, WE CAN KNOW that our prayers will be answered exactly as we pray them, for if we are simply bearing witness to the revealed will of the Father then the very thing that we bear witness to will come to pass in the appointed time for it to happen. In this way, we CAN KNOW that when we pray for someone to be healed or delivered of something, then that is exactly what will happen.

Often times in the streets of NYC or Toronto, myself and others pray for someone to get involved in Christian fellowship, or for them to be brought to a homeless shelter, or for them to be enrolled in a detox program, or for them to even be miraculously delivered from whatever their plight happens to be, and we then see these very things happen exactly as we prayed for them, and this because we simply bore witness to the revealed will of the Father. This is the way that His Kingdom comes, beloved. It is our witness to the Father’s revealed will that is the catalyst which sets in motion events in the natural realm.

Beloved, Creation’s deliverance from its bondage to sin and death will not come by way of well intentioned Christians getting people involved in well intentioned Christian church programs, or by us working hard to “do the right thing.” No, we’ve all “been there, done that,” and we know that it just doesn’t work. This is because Creation’s deliverance can come in just one way, and this is through sons who can rise up in priestly intercession before the Father and who thereby can KNOW just what His will is. These then can simply proclaim HIS will in the earth realm (through prayer or by kingly decree), and HIS Kingdom then comes to earth … even as in heaven.

Certainly, there are times when we are asked (by the Father) to actually DO something (in the performing of some physical act). Many times though, we are simply asked to speak the creative Word of the Lord into the natural realm, for that is surely enough. The real important thing is that we are related to the Father in just such a way that we can HEAR HIM clearly and then just do what HE says. Nothing more. Nothing less.

What I’m describing here, folks, is Jacob’s Ladder, if you haven’t already noticed. This is the messengers of God ASCENDING to the Father in Spirit, to then DESCEND as His very creative expression to men in the earth.

Many blessings to you all.