Beloved, we’re at the dawn of a new age, an age in which even the scientific community is going to shift its focus from dense molecular activity to a frequency-based form of research, the scientists even realizing that the dense forms all around us are just the outer vehicles of non-physical energy, and that our physical universe is just a very small part of a magnificent multidimensional masterpiece.

Did you know, beloved, that even “healing miracles” are the direct result of subtle energy interactions between the physical dimension and parallel energy counterparts from other dimensions? Did you know that “bearing witness to the will of the Father” in order to bring forth His will works much in the same way? Did you know that angelic manifestations (or even the manifestation of ghosts, for that matter) is simply the natural result of a non-physical inhabitant of the spirit world lowering its personal vibration frequency (its density) so that it can be seen or interact with a denser physical realm? Did you know that this is also how Jesus manifested to His disciples after His resurrection? Do you realize that this is how the “Zadok Priesthood” (of Ezekiel 44) shall change their “garments” from “linen” to “woolen” in order to minister in the “outer court.” The “outer court” is “the crust” of the multidimensional universe, folks. Do some of you still think that this is all “New Age” hooey and something for us all to be wary of?