Battle Unto Perfection

Beloved, God has saved a very intense battle especially for the end of this age, for it is in His divine plan for a remnant of His church to be elevated to their full anointing and power in Jesus Christ, so that these saints, EXPERIENTIALLY, can put all of the works of the devil under their feet. This, dear ones, will be a manifestation in the earth of the salvation, and the power, and the kingdom of our God, and the authority of His Christ COME in a people! This will be the manifestation of a people who walk in the authority and anointing of Christ; a people who KNOW that evil cannot successfully stand against them.

The entirety of the church age under Pentecost has been a time of preparation for this battle of the end of the age. Satan has dealt a pretty strong blow to many saints in our time though, in that he has convinced many that they won’t even be on earth (but raptured away) when the time of the great battle comes. This, unfortunately is a deception of great peril for many, and is something which puts great numbers of believers at the risk of stumbling and falling away when the truth of what is happening to them becomes evident.

I have pleaded with many pastors over the years to get on their faces in true humility and repentance before God so that they might hear and know about what is to come upon the church in the end of the age. But most of these have taken no heed to what has been said to them, and so, by their teachings, they continue to make lies their refuge and deception their hiding place, and those who follow them in their teachings more than likely those who will fear and flee in the day of battle rather than those who will stand in the battle in the authority and the anointing and the power of Christ.

Many in the church today understand the “great commission” as the preaching of the gospel to all nations, but many, if not most of these, fail to realize that Jesus has also given His church the commission to defeat the devil. Did Jesus not say, “heal the sick, cast out demons, and raise the dead”? Did He not say, “I have given you all authority to overcome the works of the devil”? That seems to me to be a major part of the great commission. Tell me though, just WHERE ARE THE PEOPLE WHO ARE DOING THIS? The gospel is to be a demonstration of the salvation and the power and the authority of Christ in a people! – not just a demonstration of pew sitters who sometimes hand out bible tracts! We don’t realize just how far we have slipped away from the truth of our calling and commission in Christ.

I sense that the Lord is now telling me to “cut to the chase” here, so, here we go …

Where do I think that we are at right now? Well, I believe that Satan is now gearing up for what we might consider to be his final assault on the saints at the end of the age. I also believe that God Himself is enticing Satan for this war on the saints (this is a Job thing, folks). THIS, dear friends, is why the Spirit is now warning us to prepare for the things that we must soon suffer. It is by way of suffering that we will be brought unto perfection, and the degree to which we must suffer is being TURNED UP now (by God) so that we might come into the fullness of the resurrection, which is nigh and at hand for many.

Beloved, God has continually used Satan to come against His elect for redemptive purposes, and it is clear (to me anyway) that our Father is about to bring Satan and his kingdom into a mighty and direct conflict with His elect saints. It is important for us to know now that the purpose for this conflict is to bring forth a victory for the saints that will bring in the millennial kingdom.

I’ve shared all of this with the hope of imparting some vision for what lies ahead for us, and I do this in order that we don’t stumble and fall away in the battle that is just ahead for us (or even in the events that lead up to the battle). Whatever we go through in the days ahead, beloved, is simply a crucible of tribulation designed by God for our purification unto perfection, something that is needed that we might inherit the kingdom of God as first-fruits unto the Father and to the Lamb.