Baptism in Fire

I have alluded recently that some of us are now being brought to judgment in preparation for the next order of the Kingdom. This is a very good (but rather difficult) thing. The Lord, whom we seek, will suddenly come to His temple, but first He must sit as smelter and purifier of our metal, Him purifying the sons of Levi and refining them like gold and silver that they may present to the Father offerings in righteousness.

In some ways, beloved, this is about dark entities being thrown down from their positions of influence that they have held over us. In other ways, it is about us being humbled by allowing the Spirit of God to cleanse us so fully so that we can be brought into the spiritual liberty of the coming age and Kingdom.

I believe that those who do not allow the Holy Spirit to cleanse them in this way (whether because of their objection based on doctrinal misunderstanding, spiritual pride, or their love for the things of this world) will remain bound, kept from their inheritance by spiritual adversaries, awaiting a judgment of another time.

We have been told that a time would come when the Lord Jesus would baptize us in fire. This baptism is for the purpose of reconciling EVERY part of our personality to the Presence and will of the Father. This is a necessary part of our transition from Pentecost to Tabernacles, beloved. It is important to remember this as we are going through these dealings of the Lord, for His joy is our strength, meaning; strength can be found for us in the knowledge of the purpose for the fire and in knowing that our willingness to be subjected to it is pleasing the Father.

It is easy to fall into gloom and pessimism, to complain, and to become frustrated and discouraged when we are judged in this way, and, as Bob T. has shared in the past, this is also probably why the spiritual fulfillment of the Day of Atonement is placed toward THE END of the process of our redemption, for it would not be possible for us to endure such fiery tribulations, dealings, probings and testings at an earlier stage of our spiritual development.

Peace be with all of you in this season, beloved, and may the joy of the Lord be your strength.