Attaining to Life in this Lifetime

The purpose of our redemption, beloved, is not for us to be brought to another place (heaven), but for us to fully LIVE BY ANOTHER LIFE. Unfortunately, we’ve got loads of Christian people out there today who still cling to the lie of the “sweet-by-and-by” by rapture or by physical death, when the truth is that there is no way into the fullness of the Kingdom of God but by the full and complete annihilation (in us) of everything that is of the fallen creature. Now, this crucifixion of adamic sin and death IN US is something that was fully accomplished for us LEGALLY on Calvary, but it is also something that must be “worked out” in us EXPERIENTIALLY, by our fellowship with Christ in His sufferings, being conformed to His death. To be “conformed to His death” is to CO-OPERATE in the process of our dying to NO OTHER WILL than that of the Father, beloved, and I believe that IT IS possible for us to reach the end of this process in this lifetime. Do I think that many people attain to this “end” in their lifetime? No, probably not. This seems to be a very rare thing. Jesus said of this, “Few there be who find it.” Paul said (I’m paraphrasing), “I’m pressing for this Life with all that is within me, and I welcome whatever it is that I may have to go through that I might attain it.” I’m in agreement with Paul. How about you?